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Monday, time to spread the wings of the week

Happy Monday
Stretch into it, spread your wings taking flight like the majestic Eagle as she soared yesterday gifting me this wonderful shot.
Be the wonder you are in each stretch from the moment you open your eyes, each look of your hands taking in the things they have done, the work the lives they have touched.
With each step, look from time to time at your feet… remembering the steps, the footprints left and yet to leave. The impression of truth, of honor and integrity, the mark being left as you walk the journey that only you can walk.
Sit when you need to, but watch always, listen well, learn much.
Finding a branch that allows you respite from time to time is a good thing. Just as looking up to see beauty and grace around you is as well.
The blessings and lessons are around us always if we but just look, listen, feel.
Oh look at this most remarkable one who stood and watched as we watched hoping to see her take flight! She did not disappoint us, but instead entertained us, danced for us, circled us, then returned with that spectacular stance probably enjoying our breaths being taken away.
Life is a wonderful series of loveliness, with moments of great challenges, heartaches, and poignant reminders that beauty is everywhere and in all ways ours to grasp.
Monday, Coffee, work, play
May you soar into your day, the week of promise and good things.
Heading to OKC in the morning, to fly the friendly skies, to meet with some wonderful folks of Choctaw Nation and also see our warrior here known as Osh!
Prayers going up for all who have asked, for those who are going against it, going through it, and those who have been through it.
May the wind lift your wings as you find the courage to soar.
I wish you enough.
Blessings on the suns rays to all who gather here, there and everywhere.
See you soon Oklahoma~
Walk in Beauty
“Down The Hallway”, The Rooms in Charmaine’s Head
[Coming Very Soon] to Amazon and will be available here for autographed copies


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