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Time is running, where, how, it’s back to school for the kiddies

Monday, Monday, August 19th and where oh where is the time flying… where how why did it get so late so soon? Kiddies have boarded the bus once again, school is back and the yellow buses will be snarling traffic across the roads as Mom’s Dads and those who hear the alarms will be kickin’ them out the door and wondering what is that sound of silence… once again there will be structure and bed times to enforce, back packs to check and homework to do.  Time is running, seems that it’s happening faster than ever before these days. Just looked and it was June!

Now the light is beginning to change, the air is smelling differently somehow and those who have moaned of the heat will soon have to moan of the winter chill. Oh the moans …. bring back the beginning of summer and the light later.  Wasn’t it just a few days ago that folks were saying they wanted the warmth of summer, they wanted to put away their shovels? Where has the time gone so quickly? The magic of vacations and times spent now a dim memory and the hustle and bustle of school clothes and wake up calls by the superintendent of Pinellas County came over the weekend at 6AM to ask parents to talk with their children about their goals for the new year! Scaring folks to death as phones rang at such an hour (someone messed up on that prompter AM vs PM) as a cheery voice welcomed all to a new year of education… and so it goes!

 So much to do, so many things to get done, calls to make, folks to see, things that have to get done within your heart, your home, your soul, others to take care of, feelings to consider… Time is running, you are running, trying to fit it all in. Hurt feelings will sure to happen as someone will not get enough, some will go without, something will be forgotten, folks will forget to breathe along the way and energy will wane.
Time waits for no one… and the sun is changing, the stakes are always high…

The month is halfway over and then it will be September the kids and college kids and adult learners will be like sponges, absorbing so very much. There is always more, always something to see, do, hear or say. Silence is something that is often overlooked or undervalued… 

Take time for you, take time to enjoy the moment the now of it, the beauty that surrounds that is up, down, and all around of it.

Time… it is not time that heals, it is what YOU do with the time, what you do with the energy, what you take on. Feelings are what we feel, knowledge is what we know. Emotions are fluid in nature. Go with nature, move, stretch, 

Walk in beauty

slowly move into your day, this is YOUR day…


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