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SUICIDE: sweeping our world

29 years old: Lee Thompson Young, “Jett Jackson” of Disney. Gone to soon, gunshot.
He just didn’t show up for work, the landlord found him, leaving a trail of unexplained tears of those who call him, gentle, loving, kind, compassionate, a star. Now gone. A life lost to suicide, another statistic and hearts left to try and understand how, why as they struggle with their physical, emotional spiritual pain of loss.

SUICIDE: sweeping our world, the statistics are staggering, the losses more than the mind can comprehend. From kids who have been bullied to the point of no return to those Native Americans who succeed at Suicide at rates 9 times the National Averages filled with hopelessness, despair and the feeling that no one is listening, their self worth gone, unable to see the light of the next day while stuck in the Thick Dark Fog of that moment.  From there to adults and our Elders, our Veterans and active duty serving our country, fighting for our very freedoms that many take such raw and unfair advantage of.
People are killing themselves feeling that no one cares or that they have no way through the pain of that moment in time.

Awareness is key, Prevention is needed, knowing what to look for is paramount to ending this loss of precious lives that we are all witnessing.  The thought of a precious life and those left behind to sift through the ashes of pain is palpable… So very heartbreaking, when one feels they are so very alone in their moment of such angst.

 In 2012 according to the CDC,
38,364 suicides were reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. We all know that number is low as not all are reported as “suicide”.  IF you are in a crisis, need support, call >  1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The brain is the most brilliant thing we have, we give it messages, it takes on history, it can take on things that are bigger than ourselves at times… as the questions, sit still to hear… 
Every 60 minutes someone who fights for your freedom is taking their own life… we must reach out, advocate for them, stand for them.

 The cost is too great to lose another life who is moving on messages of their brain in a second yielding results that are permanent and those who love them to spend a life time wondering what and how it went so very wrong.  
My deepest condolences to those who loved this young star of Disney, and all the many who will miss him… My deepest thoughts surround him wondering as so many will… why, he felt the need to leave this world so very soon.

Walk in beauty,


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