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remembering changes are constant as we watch the clouds

English: Lightning bolts hitting Atlanta skysc...

English: Lightning bolts hitting Atlanta skyscrapers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The daily clouds, skies and off the hook storms have left us amazed here in the sunshine state. More than 3,000 lightning strikes were reported in less than an hour yesterday as the rains fell so hard and quickly it was hard to see 10 feet in front of you. The skies painted greys yet the line of white beauty were still visible, and I could swear I saw a silver lining in a few of them right before those rains pounded with such fury. The smell in the air changed, the air changed, the winds picked up changing a blue sky, sunny and warmth to just Rain and wind… The thunder was like a bowling arena full tilt with drummers drumming like they were spirit led. It was quite the time, right in rush hour traffic I just might add. Seems that is the way it is, round 430 – 7pm for those trying to get home safely, the worst of the storms and then round two when the power either goes out or flickers depending on where you live… 

Stress heightened when relaxation should be settling in for time spent at home preventing folks from remembering that changes are constant both within selves and around surroundings. We all change, just as the seasons, the flowers, the dirt we walk on. It is just how it is, yet always fought tooth and nail.  We forget to watch the clouds for their resounding beauty even in the storms of our lives or our surroundings.

We forget what is known, what is felt and our brain bypasses our hearts leading us to wonder about things we know, about relationships, feelings take over and go wild … like a storm out of control or the wildfires now being fought out west it seems.  Feelings, thoughts, stress can do that within a body, a mind, just like a storm can swirl or the full moon can impact the inner thoughts as this one seems to have this week. Hearing that medical and emotional feelings are out of wack for many; those in the professions reporting that things are just crazy in many ways… One of those full moon explanations that often happen just like that! The tides changing, the storms impact, the full moon hardly visible from the cloud cover but we all know it is there… yet we forget, everything changes… everyone changes, we are all a work in progress.  Some things we want to change, yet it takes time, work, prayer and more time… Other things seem to change us over time, in an instant, and we awaken to it!  We find ourselves in the middle of the storm at times wondering if it will stop, or if we have been transported to another world, another time or place… and at times, we learn to dance our way through it, feeling the rain, embracing the pain, and moving along differently than ever before… keeping our eye on the changing clouds in awe. The awe of a child that lives within each of us as we see perhaps for the first time that we are unique, always changing learning and growing into ourselves no matter what, where, how or why things have happened the way they have happened.

May you dance in the sun, laugh in the rain… See the spirits on the lightning bolts and hear the drummers drumming when the thunder rolls… knowing you are as unique as each rain drop and cannot be touched by the same drop twice… Enjoy it when it happens.  Sometimes there just might be a message in those clouds, a sign, a spirit trying to talk to ya… L O O K !

Sending you a full heart through the storm today,
Walk in beauty,


silver lining


One comment on “remembering changes are constant as we watch the clouds

  1. hellooooooooI love the summer storms here..I love the thunder and lightning and the aroma of rain.. do not like to be caught on the road driving cause it sure makes it hard to see thru the pounding rain.. but in a strange way I truly find the pounding sounds of the rain so soothing.. and then the aftermath of rainbows and sunshine and the renewed life of the flowers and greenery.. ahhh.. mother nature sure does a great job in refreshing the spirit..weird, I know..walking to the beat of my own drum.all is good.have a wonderful day everyone !!splash and stomp in a puddle or two… it's good for the soul :)sign me,♥ A.

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