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Maya Angelou has said it all: C O U R A G E

We need to thank Dr. Maya Angelou for her courage, her life, her walk and her talk.  She says it all when she speaks of the work to be done, the work still to be done, with each person, each color, each step… We must find our courage to stand together arm in arm.
We must remain with humor, we must know laughter during the worst of times and continue on …

We must know grace under fire… and remember to say thank you as she so eloquently does often and be more than we can imagine through tears while admitting we are funny.


courage in small ways of those who never have been on the news, in the headlines along with those of all colors, all genders, all for the greater good of each of us.  Then we will know the dream, live the dream for the greater good.
Then we will not gather on special anniversary’s and ask why or what else, we will be more than we ever imagined and so busy being more that those dates are not as important as the next step will become, as we walk hand in hand, all brothers and sisters more powerful, more mighty, more courageous as we laugh, joyously at the togetherness that is intended in the day … the day that matters is all that matters.

Yes, we have come a long way, but only when we IMAGINE and live in courage and a world that we want can we say we are the “most powerful people in the most powerful country”

As Maya said, “not only because we have right, but because we have MIGHT”, we have courage and we know that we all bleed red….

Thank you Maya Angelou, for your humor, your laughter through tears, your walk, your friendship with Martin, with those who adore you and thank you for your courage.

 Bless you Maya Angelou, you do rock those shades…. one more thing to love, admire and respect about you!

 True that… and I join with Dr. Angelou in saying,

May you find courage to laugh during times of great angst, in the midst of those storms, to get your work done, loving all the way… arm in arm with our brothers and sisters as we restore sanity to our soil… one step at a time let us stand.

Walk in beauty,


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