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Happy Labor DAy

May this day bring you all that you need to gear up for the month ahead, joys to fill your heart as we thank those who are putting in the work, doing what is needed each and every day of the week. I hope you are resting, playing, having the best day doing what you love, what makes you smile, makes you laugh out loud today as you dance, as you do what feels good for your soul!

Blessings for safety for those on the road heading home after a long weekend, prayers to those who had their stay-cations, to those who are working right through this holiday as well.

Labor Day 2013 as we hope for more jobs, more security to those of us in the USA who are doing more and needing more to do…

Labor day as we look to the month of change, of knowing that summer will soon be behind us, along with the memories made, the steps left as we look in the rear view mirror of times spent, of words uttered and the horizon of fall comes into view…

Labor day as we now shift gears and begin to gather our resources for the fall of the season ahead, while many of us hold tight to the warmth and sun of summer as long as we can… 

Labor day, just get out there and outshine the sun today, turn off the news, it will still be playing like a dusty 8 track with the same old song when you turn it back on later in the night… 

Labor day, many are in the yards in the house laboring on things they have put off trying to put things to order in order to be ready to start a new week, a new something, and a newness of everything…

Labor day 2013

 A great day to chill out and just be as the bbq heats up and the warmth fills your soul… enjoy!

Blessings on the  winds to all, safe journey on the roads…

Walk in beauty as the sun fills your soul on this Labor Day.

Creator bless those who are serving our Nation and keep them safe from harm.





One comment on “Happy Labor DAy

  1. Happy Labor Day to all our friends. Hope your day has been restful and fun.

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