USA her people and our voices…

The news wires are firing off messages that are now in the brains of millions and millions of Americans, of Canadians, of those in other countries…as over 80% of Americans have let their voices be heard regarding Syria and their civil war… The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs, “Mr. President, Congress we DO NOT want to be involved, do NOT do this.”  We have heard news, watched speeches about the need for compassion, for intervention, for limited involvement, about red lines against the use of chemicals/gases in the world of war… It has been suggested that we lack compassion as children are used as pawns to emotions seen dying, seizing on soils after being gassed by those of their own blood, their own heritage, their own people.  We have been horrified by the images, the thought of man’s inhumanity to man, yet we continue to say, “do not get involved in this America, do not send our men, women and service animals into someone else’s war this time!”
 But are we being heard?  Should we do it? Should we not? Go in missles bombs bursting from air? Make Syria a lake? what is happening? Who controls the ink in the red line?


 We are a nation of passion, of compassion (although the violence in our streets would tell the world and each other otherwise)… we are a Nation that takes the lead, that sets standards on which the rest of the world looks to as leaders… We stand appalled at this tragedy in Syria, at such horror in images that are daily brought to us by the news media, daily given to us by Obama, and others in the desire to send “limited” military response to strike the very place that are killing each other… and that proves exactly what? 

 Where is the common sense here?

Perhaps in our being the leader of countries, it is past time that we say, “NO MORE” will we come in and be superman trying to change what has been history repeating itself for generations, sending men and women into harms way.

As I reflect on the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 I can vividly recall President Bush standing proud as he proclaimed the victory after sending men and women who signed up at record speed for the military… I remember him saying these words that now seem so familiar, “We will NOT falter, we will NOT fail”… echo in my mind.

I remember him claiming a great victory as well, and if I am not sadly mistaken, I know that men and women are still there, still fighting, still returning home wounded, or in flag draped caskets. I remember the many midnight shifts of an AK-47 pointed at my head as I reported to the Pentagon after 9/11, how it looked, how it felt, hours at the makeshift morgue, the smells of death, the looks of detachment after emotions where spent like dollars at the dollar store long closed… I remember the weeping families, the first responders that wept behind the porta johns and the coffee drank in the middle of the night… and the threat.

 Yes, I also am compassionate and yes I do care of humankind.  I also am astonished that 7 out of 10 in the Congress decided to back this idea of sending our Military to Syria “limited” no boots on the ground… If anyone believes that “no boots on the ground” and letting Syria now prepare for what is a public service announcement that the big ole’ USA is on the way is a good idea, I have got to think twice about the sanity at work here. #Congress what are you thinking? Did you not hear those who vote or read the emails that are now measuring the thousands by the minute or calls that continue to come into your offices? We have said, “NO INVOLVEMENT” and cited the many reasons … yet you approved this go ahead Mr. President, carry on with it.

IF you had a son or daughter Mr. President and members of Congress, would he/she look like this?  We have more than enough wounded warriors, we do not nor can afford more:

We have seen pictures of civil war in Syria…The four-decade iron rule of the Assad clan over Syria has long rested on support from the country’s ethnic and religious minorities, including Christians, Shiite Muslims and Kurds. The Assad family and key regime figures are Alawites, followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam, while most rebels and their supporters are Sunni Muslims and members of Al-Qaeda. Need we know more? A disaster in front of our eyes that we are watching kill each other, they do not need us in that, seems their hatred is doing quite the job….

Yet we do need to take a good luck at the pictures above, our wounded warriors, of the result of war, right here on our own soils, our men and women that are now fighting for their precious lives, looking for work, looking for their way back into this life, looking to combat PTSD, depression, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts. 

We do NOT belong in Syria…

Do we really really believe as we approach the anniversary of the day our world stood still on 9/11/2001 that if the shoe or gas were on the other foot… that Syria, Russia, Iran or Iraq would come to OUR aide?  Would offer us money to re stabilize our people, our lands, our hope in humanity or economy?

Jaded I sound? yes probably, however…

There are times, times like these that I have got to wonder if being the worlds leader is the perfect time to show through leadership that we know when to speak up and when to stand down… and take care of  our own people, treat them better than ever before setting an example of man’s humanity to man vs. involving precious people into what is insanity; the repetition of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Take care of our Elders, our working people, our Veterans and families, our children… many right here are suffering, are trying, need to believe that someone cares and will offer that hand of support.

Brothers, sisters, adults, Elders killing each other in Syria 
and meanwhile in the News we announce the potential of an airstrike in order to give those same people time to prepare for us, to hide or move things and to fight back…  just about every social media screams that we the people want need full disclosure about every damn thing that is happening, yet

Some things in National Security Must remain confidential while other things need to be clearly stated and with no escape clause:

How about; “this is unacceptable behavior you are engaged in. YOU are killing your own families, your futures and no one in any country will have any involvement in your genocide, period. From our Nation, we send our condolences only.”

Imagine, 80% of Americans have agreed strongly on “something”! that something is to keep America out of this and our military out of harms way and their boots clean.  As the conversation continues it seems our voices have done nothing but to stroke each other while validating we may have voted the wrong people into every damn position that a vote gets made. But then again, also seems that politics are crooked and folks will say and do anything til’ they sit their asses in those cushioned seats along with positions that seem to last lifetimes at huge salaries, Federal Blue Cross and oh my the benefits… 

WE ARE THE USA, and they do at last check work for USall… or did I miss that change?

Not one who is “savvy” in politics, it would seem that no one has consulted me for my opinion, not Mr. Obama, not the first lady, not one member of Congress… nor the Senate.

But you can bet your bippy, I will take their call and let them know in a hot second my thoughts and I do welcome the call.

Until then, you can call your senators, congressman, or what they hell even the ole’ White House I do believe we pay to keep those lights on … let your voice be heard about our involvement, about your concerns for our soldiers, those deployed at base and those wounded warriors needing someone to care more, do more, be more…


 We need to stand, to stand UNITED as Americans, now more than ever. These are our soils, handed down by the Ancestors… we need to be better stewards, better neighbors, better in so many ways… Compassion? yes we have compassion, we hate what the media is showing us happening around the world. However, it is not ours to send troops into harms way, and there will be casualties, there will be more than limited contact, there will be blood, trauma and costs. In Syria they are calling it “a holy war”… it is between extremists dead center the middle East.

The red line says the world finds that the way they are doing this is unacceptable, yet most of the world does not want to get their boots dirty nor lose their warriors to a war that has historically been seen there time and again… so what happens?

I am sure it will not be classified, we will hear it in the news prior to it happening if it is not already being planned out. How they vote certainly will determine my next vote, pay attention #Congress #Senate #Obama
how you do things, will determine how over 80% of us that are standing will take it to the polls. We are taking names as we remember 9/11 and those who jumped to serve.

Who visits them now in VA hospitals or their homes? Is it you members that we elected with words of encouragement or funds set up for the families to heal?

With profound gratitude to those who serve, have served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. We will never know the horrors you have seen, please hold on, we care for you.

I too want to know whether or not this is or is not happening, however I do NOT want to know at cost of lives, at cost of any one we are facing also having information as I would have when hosting a dinner party. Only they will have missles aimed at the air spaces, perimeters locked down and ready to join together what was once enemies to fight the big ole’ USA … It makes no sense to me. 

Remember after 9/11… the continued deployments, the constant news of of families meeting flag draped caskets on the runways… Over 300 burials a day at Arlington National Cemetery for the fallen… Limited involvement … really? Who is kidding who on that red line .

May we all know peace, strength and unity.

Interesting, when reflecting on the Pentagon… it was first called “Unity” later changed to “Nobel Eagle”… or maybe it was the other way around… my thoughts are just flying this morning as I begin my ritual of remembering so many.
 The sage is lit, the fire is burning, prayers going strong.
Walk in beauty,


4 comments on “USA her people and our voices…

  1. hellooooooooh my. this scares the hell out of me.. I agree that as a UNITED nation, the USA .. we must express our compassion and our outrage very strongly..we certainly need to stand up and be the leader in right way relations with other countries..I believe our stance should include a strong message of intolerance and refusal to take part in any further military intervention in the name of peace..enough already !Slaughter your own people ? outrageous actions in Syria, heartbreaking and heinous.This is not our fight, we are better than this and I cannot believe the government is even entertaining our involvement.I agree with your opinions and am one of the many thousands actively emailing and making phonecalls to make my voice heard..this is one case where ourINACTION would speak much louder and more effectively than any other action.praying here.God Bless our USA.hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

  2. Your blog today is very powerful and requires lots of thoughts on what is happening in our World. I wonder how many congressmen, senate leaders and the president would volunteer for this mission. I think they all fell and hit their head. Yes, I hated to see those body bags with little children, men and women. They are known to kill each other when the time comes. Their leader is loved by all even tho he is killing them. What sane person would even think of what they are doing. Let them go ahead if that is what they want. We do not want our soldiers sent there to be killed. We are telling them what we are going to do and when, we need to keep our mouth shut to what action we are going to take. My vote is to stay at home, find jobs and benefeits for the soldiers coming back home and for the many people who are out of a job. Wake up Mr. President and congress. We know you have a cushion job and even when you leave if you ever do you will never have to worry about money. God is surely looking down and shaking his or her head. Pray and pray hard for our country. God Bless USA.

  3. Syria? Are you kidding? sure Isreal wants us to do something…. The rest of the world will sit back and once again rely on us to take action. hell, I'm ok with the entire middle east knocking each other off. Maybe then and only then will their "HOLY War" end…. When their is no middle east. Limited intervention my ass. I am with you doc! Those in power do NOT hear the common man/woman's voices. Not now and I wonder if they ever will.

  4. Truer Words were never spoken !!!!Thank YOU !!!!

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