Here we come, Monday

As this new week begins, let the colors wash over you, the wonderment begin! If you don’t like the view… blink a few times and change the perspective, look differently through those wonderful eyes of yours while sending a different message to your brain! Turn up the volume and dance your steps led by your dreams, led by your goodness, driven by your passion as you paint the colors of the sky your way… choose the feelings you want and the words you say with care, with mindfulness, with care.

Play, Pray, Be your best selves… it’s Monday a new day,  a view a new time of possible.  STanding up boring? Lay down and look up! It’s amazing the sights you might see differently… Entertain every possibility to stretch your imagine as that is the only limitation in this wonderful life as we know it…. laugh loud, smile so much it makes your face ache… It’s worth it!

 Yes, there is enough news to make our heads explode with wondering why, how could they, when will it all make sense… Too much to comprehend at times. Enough sorrow, too much news to fit in the senses that does not make sense… BUT there is more beauty than is given credit on any given day, more than we hear about, read about, think about, give props for… so many angles to view, to laugh through, to love through, to celebrate the wonder of.

Laces getting you bogged down on those shoes? just push them on and move along, use velcro, wear flip flops… and move along. Jump through the hoop move through the fire of the day with glee as the day is going to move through you one way or the other… embrace it for all that it is… 

A woman recently let me know that she received a call from the school in the first week as her child had already been “called out” and now she was being called out as well. Seems she clothed her little one “wrong” by sending him off to school in velcro sneakers.  She was informed by the school she must purchase sneakers with laces for the lad in order for him to participate in class as they are learning to “tie” and velcro does NOT cut it… 
oh my poor Mom, she had already purchased the school budget clothes and now had to re-purchase tie sneakers for the little one in order for him to “participate” in lessons in school… the art and science of learning to tie his shoes! Always something was my thinking as I reminded her that in the NBA players do NOT wear velcro so a quick trip to the Goodwill store might be a good idea for some lace little sneaks… 

Life is a joyous adventure where cursive writing is no longer a requirement, and we are all being replaced by robots in the workplace…
but laces are a required fun-da-mental skill. 

I think we should dance on desks in kindergarten as a first needed life lesson and that will prepare us for the Monday’s of life throughout life as folks now prepare for Facebook social media and the many negative posts/threats/opinions that are a as natural as bowel movements… how bout you?  Yep, thinking that is a good Monday thought.

Teach em young to TURN IT UP, to dance, to play, to LAUGH…

Have a marvelous Monday… you’ve got this!

Walk in beauty,




2 comments on “Here we come, Monday

  1. great words. I remember teaching my K kids to make music with the velcro shoes LOL. We used a wooden shoe with laces to learn to tie.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sherry for the colorful and uplifting message. Hope all is well with you, family and all our friends here. Hope your day was the best. /Sandy♥

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