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Haters goin’ to HATE…

HATE> what a word, what a thing to do, we are seeing more and more hate in the world… or are we? It just may be that we are more exposed to Hate as a result of 24/7 news feeds from 500 channels of cable television, from Twitter feeds, social media giant Facebook, from people who have lost either their moral filters or their minds completely. We are living in a world where kindness is going by the wayside and fear is replacing executive functioning on a daily basis… Hate groups are popping up as causes agendas are spreading like wild fires devastate the senses.

Hate groups, hatred and hatefulness in words and actions are seen daily leaving others deeply wounded or so very angry that they react wounded and as a lion backed into a corner coming out with claws feeling as though they are fighting for their lives.

Signs have been created saying to “keep calm, haters goin to hate” and we move on into the day… knowing that we cannot afford to take it on or take it in. It is toxic to hate or be infected by such negativity. Yet we see it daily, watch it in action through the actions of others. 

At times it can even be viewed through a comical lens once we filter out the horror of it all. When we see the source of it, look beneath the shock of it, realizing that some hate from their own ignorance and insecurity. Sometimes when we take the time to confront the haters face on with calm it takes them off their feed, makes them wonder, leaves them scratching their heads in ways unimagined.  Probably best to not argue with a hater, best to not reason with one… it only flares the flames that are burning there.
Seems it always best to smile through the haters, take pictures of them, laugh or ask questions without emotions and look rather bewildered by them… After all, when it is all said and done,

Today I have to give props to ole Vince Gill of country music who walked outside to see Westboro Baptist Church haters face to face… He was as usual awesomenss in action. He wanted to see what “Hate Looked Like”, and now he knows.  Not only has he got a voice that speaks to the soul, but he kept his calm and just walked out to ‘see for himself’ the true look and sound of hate personified of those who hate in the open as they stand in front of funerals with such blatant disrespect and dishonor so many saying they are working for God and doing his work.  Vince did what so many can do to stand UP to hate in a calm way… we can all stand UP to hate, to bullies, to injustices.Vince say what hate Looks like, first hand as they boycotted his concert in MO… bet it didn’t bother those who love his music one bit!


The country is standing up, saying NO we do not want bombs dropped in Syria, we do NOT want to get involved… We are standing UP saying we want peace on our soils as we are remembering 9/11 the day our world stood still and precious lives were lost.

As millions of bikers are riding to D.C. to honor all and the city did not issue a special permit for their ride, they are still riding to remember the lives lost, obeying all the streets and city signs they will roll on and into the city Remembering that day… Listen, watch, you will see and hear thunder roar as thousands of spirits will applaud them for remembering 9/11 …

Love wins.

Haters goin’ to hate, their loss.

Choose to love, to be kind, to feed the fire of passion that burns brightly to light your way and the way of so many others along the way through the light, the smile of authenticity LOVE WINS…

Remembering 9/11

Walk in beauty


One comment on “Haters goin’ to HATE…

  1. great blog. I think the hate and hate anger are what make me cringe and just hurt inside for there is so much of it. Life is too short for all the hate. Hugs

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