For a moment, many moments we have had calm this morning… it is the quiet of reflection. Of remembering the day of 9/11 and the thousands of lives lost in NY, DC, and on board the Plane diverted to a field in PA … the millions that are standing today remembering, honoring, reflecting on the day our world stood still. We are United in gathering to remember 9/11; lives lost, the first responders who stood, the families that now stand feeling that it was just yesterday along with so many more.

It is a somber day of remembrance.

It is the anniversary of a day that we must stand, we must embrace each other in unity as America. We must teach the children about that was real, was on our soils and still lives in our hearts, minds and spirits. We must honor the souls that look to us now from a distance for the greater good of our country and each of us that are still here.
This is our country, the soil of our Ancestors the Earth that we walk on here right now. WE must be better stewards in taking care of each other and ourselves while protecting our country from harm.

We must never forget 9/11. 

The bells are being rung, the names being read, the ceremonies are underway… by now the plane had hit, the horror had been first witnessed, more was to come on that day 9/11/2001… 

We were united in devastation, shock, trauma… moved to action, later to stand as America does best in crisis, United.

Today once again we will stand arm in arm, remembering honoring absorbing images that are not too far from our memories of the day that we never imagined could or would happen on our soils.

A million bikers, veterans, men and women are in Washington D.C., the Patriots rolling through to remember 9/11 today… Rolling…


Will we once again also be reminded of the importance to stand UNITED as America… in kindness, compassion for the greater good…

God bless those nearly 3,000 that are watching, the families, friends as they stand today, as they stand tomorrow… God bless the first responders as they stood then, stand today as they remember and are flooded with the memories of then, now and tomorrow.

Where were you … what did you do, how are you now? 

Walk in beauty




4 comments on “REMEMBERING 9/11 ~ NY~ DC~ PA

  1. and I know for you…the memories are even stronger as you were there as a first responder. My hat goes off to you for the work you did. Hugs

  2. I do not think I will ever forget that day. I was bringing my disabled roommate back from chemo and on the answering machine was a message that said “turn on your tv. we have been bombed” and I sat down quickly..turning the tv on at the same time and saw the videos playing over and over. Wonderful blog sher..as always.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for being there then Dr. Sherry and thank you for being here now with your wisdom, knowledge and inspiration for so many. May God continue to Bless America and each one of us as we stand together united as Americans this day. /Sandy♥

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