Rainy Tuesday

Hello Tuesday… as the coffee is hot, the rain falls in the sunshine state. Liquid sunshine it is. The gutters flowing and the rhythmic sounds almost of a drum as I gaze at the pool now at the top of the line here. A sinus infection now seeming to thrive on the rain as it pounds with the gutter sounds, leaving me to wonder if they are one of the same while the 4 leggeds and I were astonished to hear what sounded to be a tree falling behind the pool! The bark fest began, as I looked to see nothing but rain, grass that is green, no movement, no nothing! The barks continued resonating in my brain as I continued to look for something, anything to account for the “thud”.  Maybe something fell from the skies along with the rain, a windfall of sorts that I will discover later when all is dry, the sun returning to shine on whatever it is or was.

For now, the pool will wash the deck in no time at all as the little ones and I tuck in on the couch for a day of quiet in the liquid sunshine state… RAIN

wishing all who are out there a safe commute on the roads, a warm place to be out in the states where the cold has found you as you gather your resources for the coming months. We are beginning the gathering season of 2013… how did it get to be fall so soon?

The question I seem to ask each year now that I ponder it.

To each season there are great changes, it is as it is intended it seems.

Blessings on the raindrops from here to everyone and everything everywhere.

The proofing of Down The Hallway continues… Remind me when I say the word “and” to just slap myself. LOL

Walk in beauty



3 comments on “Rainy Tuesday

  1. Been gathering—will have to also bring in that wood again before too long for the fireplace insert. Hate the work, but sure is warmer heat than the central heat. Have to dig hole in yard for the hot ashes and coals for a place to dump without burning the neighborhood down !!! Blessings to everyone.

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  3. Good Morning Dr. Sherry. So sorry you are feeling bad from a sinus infection. That can be painful and in rainy weather it really feels bad. Hope the rain lets up soon for you. Today we have blue skies and sun but it is in the 50s and chilly. Those furry friends sure do bring us much joy. I am feeling quite emotional this week. I only have my foster kittens 3more days. They will be adopted Friday. I loved fostering them and seeing the difference from when I brought them home newly early weaned skinny, little babies less then 1 Lb and still very dependent on their new human Mom. I could hold both of them together in onw hand while I fed them baby food and baby cereal to give them an extra boost. Now they are big, healthy, rambunctious furry toddlers at 3.4Lbs and 4.6Lbs and 17 weeks old. I am surely going to miss them. I am grateful they are going together but will miss their sweet, loving ways. I know my adult cats will be glad they are gone. They are non-stop play and too busy for the big boys now. Well, take care friends and ahve a peaceful day. /Sandy♥

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