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Friday thought: Just BE

Look out weekend, here we come! The day after another tragedy unfolds in our Nations Capitol has people scratching their heads, wondering the whys of it, the hows of it, the “oh please God no’s of it.  We as people once again gather in extreme shock of hearing that one woman from Stamford CT had a child in her car as she attempted to ram through the gates of the White House, flee toward the Capitol where all hell broke loose. The woman was shot as she tried to run … of course we will wait for more details to emerge over the coming days.

Once again we shake our heads as the folks inside that building were on lock-down for a bit; the business going on inside probably affecting all of America. Three days into the Shutdown, the programs, the WWII vets storming past their museum that someone had the nerve to try and close during all this stupidity of grown men having their pissing contest that affects each and every American standing on soil. Could it be that this tragedy in a black luxury car of a woman with an innocent child will jar them into reality? Guess we all will see about that.

It is Friday; a day to get yourself in the place you want to be as you move into the weekend. What is happening is what is happening. As much as we may not like it, may disagree strongly about it, worry has never served anyone well. Fretting, wringing hands does not look good on a person, nor make for happy times.  “Feelings” can at times work against a person, rendering them helpless to move moods, or challenge them to “just be”.  This day is a chance to change that, to monitor feelings, to change your focus while changing your state; from fear to fantastic… From feelings to doings, from self to other, from how it has been to how you want it to be.

Time waits for no one, it is movement, motion, always going strong. Be Bright, Be Happy, Just BE.

Expect resistance from others, know that folks want you to be where and who you have always been. No one likes change, but it is the only thing that is constant! We can depend on the tide; it rolls in, it rolls out. Usually bringing with it great gifts of the sea, great tranquility as the light plays on the shimmer of waters edges.

Just BE, free to do what feels best to you as you change your focus seeing that your state of mind and feelings change with it. Feel the Universal spirit move within you as you embrace the opportunity of new things, new people new understandings of your light.

Just BE.. bright, happy, enjoying those things that fill you up as you outshine the sun.

Yes, yes oh yes, there are tragedies in our personal lives, sadness, sorrow in the world. I’m not asking you to run from that, to escape that. Only that you find the core strength (if you can or choose to) along with learning to breathe, to balance and to BE. Life is a great balancing act. Center self first, step by step, leap by leap. Fall down 7 times get up 8…
And so it is!

Friday, Friday, Friday… are you ready for the weekend? Balance on!

May you have a blessed weekend, a joyous weekend, one that fills you up within. STep on into your weekend, with your head held high, you are the master of your destiny! 

 Walk in beauty,



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