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Down The Hallway, Now Available

final coverJust Released and available on Amazon!

Down the Hallway, The story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Meet Charmaine…

This book is about a journey which few people experience firsthand.  This is the story of terrifying abuse at the hands of many, beginning with those who are supposed to love the most.  A survival story, thanks to the brilliance of the brain and its creativity. It is about one client and her therapist. Their journey together through the hell that is Dissociative Identity Disorder is well outside of the traditional box of therapy. It is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes sad, and more often than not, mystifying.

Charmaine first arrived at the office of a therapist through the referral of not one friend, but a friend, a physician and a member of her faith community, all saying she needed help for unresolved grief. In her own words; she was ”over grieving a father that beat her.” Charmaine’s first question was, “Am I crazy?”

 She was honest in asking, but fearful of trusting.  She began to talk about losing time, finding herself in unfamiliar places, frequently finding clothing, and other items in her home that she had no knowledge of owning. Charmaine was frightened by her own life. Quickly the therapy sessions changed focus. She had found a safe place, a safe person to share her fears and secrets with.

Walk with the therapist who suspected much more than unresolved grief of her parent. Witness Charmaine’s fears, angst and desperation as you puzzle together the fragments that describe her day to day experiences. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) clues begin to show themselves as the therapist wonders could she keep up with the minute to minute changes in a single session.  Get ready to meet Charmaine’s Alters, the male Alters, the angry Alters, promiscuous Alters, and protector Alters, baby Alters, and the gatekeeper Bart.  Each Alter with a distinctly different personality, speech pattern, body language, gestures, and personal appearance; coming and going unbeknownst to Charmaine. Meet the therapist whose head spun from moment to moment. First meeting Charmaine’s Alters, then introducing them to Charmaine the story unfolds.

As you turn page after page, uncovering memorizing, often, breathtaking moments in the journey into Charmaine’s world. Join Charmaine and her therapist as they journey through this personal hell, to emerge whole. One riveting moment to the next, you will not be able to put this book down. Fasten your seat-belt; it is one hell of a ride.

Order yours and share this with all you know! Thank you all for your patience in waiting for Down the Hallway! It’s been a long journey… now it’s available. I pray I have done Charmaine justice in the telling.

Walk in beauty,




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