Down The Hallway, just released!

The month of Breast Cancer Awareness… October 2013, time for those screenings, time for mammograms, time to get your PINK on! 

It is also with great delight that I am shouting from the rooftop, standing on the edge of the Gulf waters as I throw my head in the air, my arms extended and say…

Down the Hallway, The story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder

is NOW available at Amazon.com !!!
Just click this link and you can see the book, can order it NOW! Prepare to buckle your seat belts as you open the pages for the read of reads as our season moves into the dark months and you enter the realm of one woman’s story of survival… 

This book is a story of one client and her therapist Together they unleash the creativity and power of the brain , unraveling the horror and devastation of abuse by loved ones . They deal with the complexity of grief and the mystery of experiences that most of us have never known.You are going to meet her Alters in ways that are real, that are true… in ways that the old movie Sybil never could have prepared you for and let me be the first to let you know… This is as real as you or I… Just keepin it real, and Charmaine and I walked a real journey through hell.
The book is ready, are YOU?
Be well, be sure to get those boobies checked out, YOU are worth it and so much more…
A special shout out to the proofers, those who stood by as I went “missing” at times so absorbed in writing that I have not been available, and those who just knew it would be worth it…
Walk in beauty
Here’s to your read… as we move into the middle of October, blessings to all… 

3 comments on “Down The Hallway, just released!

  1. oh I am so excited for you. I pray they fly off the shelves as I know this is an awesome book. hugs

  2. Congratulation Dr. Sherry – this book sounds like a must read. Thank you for your wisdom and talent. Also, thank you for the reminder to get those mamos done now. It is so important. Have a wonderful day /Sandy♥

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