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WE ARE THE PEOPLE… the very people that have had more than enough.  We are witnessing it on the streets, in the grocery store, in the workplace, in restaurants as we hear what others are talking about. We are seeing it in social media, in what folks are now consumed with. The fears of our brothers, sisters, Mothers, Fathers, is turning to such anger and mistrust that it is appalling.

WE are People first… One Nation of people who are being run by big money, by greed, but mostly by EGO of those in power who continue to toy with our lives in their pissing contests as they “alter” bills, rules, governance that affect everyone in this Nation but those we elected.

Yes, WE the People are the people, and they #Congress #WhiteHouse #Senate #House are hoping we have forgotten who we are.  The blood of our veterans have fought for our very freedoms of this country, this the greatest Nation in the world is now being watched all over the world as a select few determine the lives of the Nation.  As those who wait worry fret over making mortgage payments, ability to choose are being held hostage, they are sitting and changing the language that could have ended this shutdown. We have seen them smile, watched them as they maintain their calmness while the rest of the Nation suffers sleepless nights.  They probably have eaten at the Old Ebbitt Grill or had cocktails together between sessions as millions wonder how they will save their homes, feed their children or get the medicine that is necessary to maintain their health. 


The President himself might be playing golf as the first Lady wonders about the cut of her assistants… Assistants? 

WE THE PEOPLE are wondering if we can keep on keeping on and others are wondering about assistants to make life more comfortable?

What do they think about outside of self I have to wonder? The next vacation? The next holiday or stand off between party lines. After all soon it will be the holidays, the next crisis will be postponed until after January as the People will struggle. Will WE THE PEOPLE be able to stop paying taxes since the IRS is part of the shutdown…

Will WE THE PEOPLE be able to take the luxury vacations of the senate, house, congress enjoying the best of the best, sipping the finest of the fine?

When will it end? Is it the worst of times as a result of more technology, greater access to information sharing and mass uprising and upset?

Is it that people are focusing on the awful, forgetting to embrace the good?

What is it?

WE THE PEOPLE are the people, the very people who can and will stand united in the face of the unknown, the face of fears and egos that have gone absolutely insane on the Hill.

We will once again remind them all it is past time for them ALL TO GO and for us to decide we demand more for our lives.

Veterans denied access to open air memorials along with all citizens of this country? Has someone or many someone’s lost their ever loving minds as barricades are placed to inconvenience so many who have come to pay tribute and honor of the fallen.

and I ask you to never forget who you are… to always remember to give more time to the good that lives within you than the bad that seems to be surrounding those outside of you.  

YOU are your most important resource. With positive actions, through emails, phone calls YOU can let your voice be heard. With kindness to your fellow brothers and sisters you can shine your light for others to grab hold of.


The very people that have made this Nation the greatest in the world through times of great sadness, great wars, great tragedies…

I believe that this too shall pass as America lets those now having Ego battles learn that WE THE PEOPLE have no respect for what they are doing, that we have no tolerance for their attempt at using us as a pawn in their games, their hatred of each others parties line.

WE deserve better. They are bitter men of little integrity. It is time for them to go.


rant over.

Carry on

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