Move it…however you can, it’s energy!

These two beauties are having the best of times all the time at the YMCA in Pulaski County Virginia… Hitting that water, listening to their lovely drill Sargent of an instructor as they work through their moves (when they are not laughing, cutting up and causing a great stir in the waters). Life is good today as Dot/Mom/Cob and her buddy Miss Nora who is in her 90’s take to the water weekly or several times a week and get their moves on.  Move it or lose it is the theme there; a place to gather, people to be with, times well spent as community is alive in well in a small town in Southwest Virginia.

Energy is fluid, the power of connections keeps people connected in times of wireless connections, distance and lack of compassion. At that YMCA that has struggled for funding, has seen the economy struggle as they wondered at times if they could keep the doors open, the faithful in the community have let their voices be heard. They gather; men and women together in a caring community to work their bodies, their souls their commitment to something greater than self for the greater good of community. In the process of all, they have FUN… what could be better? If someone is ill, doesn’t show up, they are like CSI, and investigate, they show up at the door to help, to visit, to do what is needed for each other as days of old in communities where one extends to another as part of daily comings and goings.

Amazing grace in daily laps and steps along the way.

To think, in a world that we hear mostly the horrid, the bad, the worry and fear… today or tomorrow, folks will get up in chilly weather and just gather at their local YMCA… in bathing suits and hit the water, laugh like they are teenagers up to mischief (they probably are), stretch their bodies, learn to swim or pick up those weights under water and give each other hell about the last Hardees’ biscuit they ate…. Life is a grand gift opened each day when compassion, fun overrides everything else.

Yes of course, there are those who are stuck in the rear view mirror of their lives, the same loop of the story, the news of the day, the fears of the tomorrows… yes there are bad things in the world the boogy man around the corner or lurking under the bed.


there is also the moment we call NOW, the ability to do what you want when you want if you want in your way however you may.
There is the ability to filter out what you do not feel serves you well, to burn the old tapes that loop yet do not serve you anymore and to take charge of your thoughts, your feelings your way of doing things.

YOU are the captain of your ship, only you can sail it, only you can loosen the ropes that hold it to the dock if you choose to.

Make the leap, take the splash, enjoy the waters if only in your mind… Live life wide open, laugh so hard it makes your sides ache, numbs your face as your smile outshines the sun on the brightest of days within you.

Then you will notice the change from within. You have all you need, the light that burns from within you will shine light for another, and the community will be richer as a result of it.


 Prayers going up for those in Nevada at the Sparks school shooting and the Veteran who survived war, but died protecting his students. May they find peace there, another tragedy …

Our hearts surround all there.

Walk in beauty,

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4 comments on “Move it…however you can, it’s energy!

  1. That is terrific and lifted my heart to see Dot/Mom/Cob and Miss Nora there doing what they can to stay healthy and fit. Keep on going sweet ladies and you are a Blessing to so many. /Sandy♥

  2. Hey there, that is a good one with me and Miss Nora who is 88yrs. young in the Pulaski YMCA pool. She is our great inspiration. She has had 2 hip, 2 knee replacements and 3 mini strokes. She just keeps on keeping on. She always has a smile on her face and good words to say about all people. She comes pushing her little walker with a seat on it each morning and she is a delight for all to see with the beautiful smile. On days that is snowy, rainy or ice she arrives at the YMCA. After water aerobatics she goes in the fitness center for a few hours and then across the street to Pulaski Re-hab center to read and pray for the sick. She spends hours there and then sticks her head into the activities dept. where our Angela Loy is the activities director. Each morning when I think it is too cold, rainy, snow or whatever with the weather and want to stay at home her beautiful smile visits me and I have to get up and remember if you dont use it you lose it. Her dedication and love for people just keeps her going. She is one of a kind, reminds me of Granny who always dressed up and waited for someone to come and get her to take her somewhere. Our Hero. Blessings to all, our service men and their families and to Dr. SES.

  3. Oh my you have not yet received Down the Hallway? Sure hope it arrives today! If not holler at me, I happen to have copies right here…

  4. helloooo…
    so nice to see an uplifting blog,
    great to hear of MOM?COB?DOT and her
    friends enjoying life to the fullest ~
    sure hope I have the energy to keep up when I'm 90 ~
    I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of my copy of ” down the hallway “.
    I'm sure I'll be enthralled in my
    reading ~
    best day wishes to all !!
    hugging my angels,
    sign me, A. ♥

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