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NOPE task force will gather Oct 24th for a candle light vigil

The Korabek Family will be at the
7th Annual Candle Lighting Vigil of NOPE October 24th 7pm.

Landon Korabek gone too soon,
his Mom Susan will be telling his story as so many gather together lighting a candle for those they have lost as they gather tomorrow evening to raise awareness, to remember those who have died needlessly.
Landon Korabek, loved by so many, missed everyday, gone too soon.
 Just a kid out for a good time, a great evening, returning home to have a conversation with his Dad before hitting the sack… Never to wake up. Who would have thought this could possibly happen to a good kid, a kid with a great family, great foundation, just out with his pals for a fun time?
It only takes one time… one bad decision, one mistake or bad choice.
October 24th at 7pm, Landon’s Mom will find all the strength within her to walk on a stage in front of thousands, to find her voice and to tell the story that most cannot imagine. The story of walking into her son’s room to wake him with her husband Greg. The morning when their world was forever changed.
She is now a woman on a mission, the mission is to educate, to make others aware of the very real dangers of narcotic overdoses, of synthetic drugs and of the consequences of their behaviors and choices. Landon’s memory, his death is being used as an example to others, for kids and parents alike to wake up, to stand up in involvement and action. I applaud and admire her walk. It is not an easy one.

We must continue to educate, to make aware to others the very real issues at hand. NOPE is doing a great job in the communities, in the schools. People must be aware of the drugs that are killing others. Awareness is key to understanding.

The 5th Annual NOPE Candlelight Vigil this Thursday (Oct 24th) at 7 p.m. at Largo Central Park, Largo FL. Please join us as we light a candle in memory of Landon and too many others who have lost their lives to overdose and as we continue to shine a light on this epidemic in our community.
Join us, light a candle for Landon, for those you may know who have lost their life to drugs as you remember. Sit your kids/grand-kids down for that conversation. Make the hard decisions to stand UP when you need to for interventions and ask for help.
Walk in beauty,

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