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Happy November, "go cook for your Pets day"

Happy All Saints Day on this the first day of November. A day I discovered that is also known as “go cook for your pet’s day” I only hope that the 4 leggeds here don’t find out about it!

They have been spoiled, loved on, cuddled while I was on Sanibel Island. Gypsy has a new title, “baddest to the bone” as she ran Jenn and made her demands known! Jeepers had his own glass of ice water on the couch and was the affection hound, hands on at all times, while Patches only came around if a treat was attached to the hand.  I returned to find them watching t.v. and telling me of their adventures!
They do love their Jenn and Brian and a vacation~

Sanibel Island was wonderful, the weather perfect, the water outstanding. I have done the “Sanibel Stoop” to the point of still feeling the effects in my calves and thighs… each roll of the tide bringing great treasures that brought me the joy of a child as I kept a keen eye on the shells in front of me. Off the grid of phones, internet, interactions was restoring, healing, wonderful and ever so joyful to feel the sun, see the sunset in all its splendor. My birthday was joyous, as I received a fantastic little suitcase made of cardboard I do believe, it fit a towel, my camera, and just a couple of things more. I just had to take it with me….

 Travel light with that little case, but it says all that is needed, I just love it!

Oh you must wear shades when you are at the beach, the sights you might see… enjoy!

 Travel light, but take a bag, shells shells and shells….
 The Sanibel Stoop… amateurs.. to really stoop u must “bend, really get down and close”!

 I prefer being in the water… but to each their own. and hunkered down with my elbows on my knees stooping …

 check 0ut his Mohawk…

 The sound, the sun, the beauty of it all… yes it was a fine end to a wonderful birthday… I am blessed beyond words and wonder. Grateful I am.


Time to get this November going!

To spread the word of: Down the Hallway the story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder now available from me autographed, from Amazon and from Barnes and Nobles.

I’ve been told of the “bloopers”, am getting the word to the right people to correct it. Thankfully it has not disrupted the flow of readers who have let me know it has taken their breath away, kept them up all night, make them set the book down for a day to rest their eyes and their minds! The reviews are beginning to come to me, I hope they will soon show up on Amazon and B&N as well. Please tell others, let your bookstores know they need to put it on the shelves!

As I am slow to re-enter from the island I am moving into a weekend of wonder here. Wonder what I am doing next!

Best of all things to each and everyone…

May you find a shell for your pocket and sand in your shoes!

Walk in beauty


One comment on “Happy November, "go cook for your Pets day"

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry, So good to hear from you today. Loved the photos. Your Sanibel Island retreat sounds perfect and something I definitely need in my life. I am happy you had such a good time. Happy that the furry friends enjoyed their vacation also. Have a wonderful weekend friends. /Sandy♥

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