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Being diagnosed with Dissociation.

Thank you all for the emails and praise for #DownTheHallway the story of one womans’ journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This blog speaks well of dissociation, diagnosis, thoughts. Blessings to all. DrSherry

Shapeshifters: Living With Dissociation

30 days of Mental Health Challenge from Marci, Mental Health and More.

Day 8:  What age were you diagnosed at?  At what age do you think your symptoms began? (You can make a timeline)

I was diagnosed with MPD or Mulitiple Personality Disorder renamed  DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder, I think, in 1996 when I was 34 years old.  My memory about that time is blurry. My therapist at the time was starting a Dissociation group and she asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I said yes, because I had this barely conscious feeling  I should check it out.

My symptoms began before kindergarten. I dissociated when I was abused and Dissociation helped me to be able to live with people who wanted to destroy me.

Life was terrible when I went through puberty. I experienced a lot of amnesia. I knew something was happening, but…

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