Rainy Saturdays time to relax

It’s a day of R A I N here in the sunshine state… while I’ve read that across the lands the cold has moved in in places, snow has fallen in some, winds are whipping around in KS, and blowing hard in CO… It just might be a great day to snuggle in, find a good movie or a good read while taking good care of YOU on a day like this day. Here the rain is beating in those downspouts like an old friend on a drum as the little 4 leggeds are nestling in like old man winter with their sleep on!

They are funny little ones, demanding that I get up with the light only then to stay awake long enough for me to get my coffee before finding their place to get sound asleep… as if saying, “oh ok she is awake, time for sleep.”  Jeepers is now walking on all 4 feet once again, his recovery seems almost complete… what a long month it has been for him. thank you all for the thoughts, the prayers and emails asking about him.

 Down the Hallway the story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder is now available in 13 countries with Amazon~ I am tickled to pieces with that news. There is even a review now on Amazon Italy… I have great hopes that there will be great things in store for Down The Hallway as we move into months ahead, more have written with their thoughts after and during reading it. The reviews are all incredible to me, they are awesome.

Charmaine has received her copy as many had asked if I would be sending one to her.
Yes, I will be sure and let the world know her thoughts once I hear them myself; (good or bad)!

A friend has suggested a “tweetfest” on my fan page, that others with Twitter often send out “tweets” letting people know of the book, along with “tweeting” to @Oprah, @Ellen @DrPhil, @Whoopi @TomHanks @RitaWilson et all to let them know of their #nextgreatread.

I’m all for it, let’s spread the word. I have always believed there is no better way to get the word out about something than the use of the “moccasin telegraph”. to be even more modern in these days of “fast, quick and efficient”, we now have a QR code! Just scan it, you will then be taken to the author page… yes you can even order author-graphed books from there.
How bout’ that for modern and “with it”

Saturday shout out to Mr. John Kremer the guru of #BookMarketing who has wonderfully given me and the world such valuable ideas through the years. He is a lovely and at times quite funny man with more passion and interests than you can shake a stick at.

finally, for your Saturday moment of heart pounding… I have to share with you Whoopi, a trail blazer brought to tears.
We all have those times when we can only imagine making an imprint on the life of another, making a difference in some way.
There are times when we may be thanked for something, times when our heart gets touched in gratitude, or when we hope to inspire maybe. This clip made my heart explode. (I can and have been able to see Whoopi playing me in the Movie #DownTheHallway since the beginning of writing it)…
This is the interview with Whoopi and the courageous of one young man who stood UP breaking a promise to his wife to speak. Yes, my heart exploded.

video by

 May you have the most splendid moments today, designed and created by YOU. We each make our mark with each step we take, each word we speak, each breath we take.  Thank you each of you.
Because of you, I continue to strive to be more.

Walk in beauty,
author of:
Down the Hallway
Healing Heartaches
Chronic Pain; Hand in Hand with John Argent



6 comments on “Rainy Saturdays time to relax

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Hope you all had a terrific and peaceful Saturday and time to relax. Twas a very busy Saturday for me, as most are. Our shelter was in the local holiday parade so half of our volunteers left early for the parade route and the other half of us stayed back and did our daily/Saturday cleaning and caring for our precious animals who are waiting to be adopted. It was a good day but now time to sit down and relax my weary bones for a while. Loved the video of Oprah and the young man. Thank you , very touching. Looking forward to getting the new book and making time for reading. Bless you Dr. Sherry for all you do and Bless each of our friends here this day. It is cool here in Michigan but today in the 40s. We had one day of snow last week but didn't last and I am glad for that. Take care friend and have a restful night. /Sandy♥

  2. While it feels like I’ve been away longer than I have, it was so good to see you pop up in my reader this afternoon. CONGRATS! Quiet voices make for big noise. Will do my part in helping you generate some good old fashioned buzz for DOWN THE HALLWAY. You always manage to evoke a smile in me that comes from the inside. So grateful for the chance to say ‘thank you’. Dan

    • Oh Dan, how great to see you again here! dan4kent.wordpress.com I thank you for the generating of the “old fashioned BUZZZZ, (the moccasin telegraph) you are the best! I hope you are well, outshining the sun as we have entered the dark months here, SHINE ON dearheart. with a grateful heart I am. Best of all things to you!

  3. helloooo
    and I sure love a rainy saturday morning.. quite conducive to sleeping in and being lazy ~ both of which I'm great at doing !!
    I enjoyed the video clip of Whoopi a lot, very moving and what an awesome tribute to her. ( also could visualize her playing the role of Dr. S ) A movie based on the story of Charmaine and the Hallway would be fantastic !!
    and you never know, perhaps the word of your enthralling book will reach the people who could make it happen, knowing your spirit of taking on a challenge, beating down the roadblocks and never giving up .. hmmm, I'm thinking a box office blockbuster would not surprise me .
    Wishing I had the entire day to and just hang out but I am already
    running a bit behing myself here, so I'd better get a move on it
    Sending out prayers and wishes for
    the best of all to everyone ~
    peace and happiness , riding the raindrops and puddlejumpimg fun
    for all !
    Thanks Doc for all the wonderful things you do and share with all of us… you're the BEST !
    sign me, ♥
    hugging my angels,

  4. Good morning to all. I agree with Dr. S. today is a great day to read Down the Hallway Again and again. I am starting on the 2nd. reading. It is a awesome book. The first read was sorta hard as there was tears, laughter and then stress. I got over the stress by laying the book down for a day. Then back again with the reading. My heart hurt for Charmaine thank God she was strong enough to stand up to the other therapist to let them know she was not crazy. You wonder how those people feel now knowing she is healed. I am sure it was a long hard journey for her and the good DR.. I wonder how many therapist out there realize with more time, research would have helped her heal. I am praying that she is well and leading a happy life. I am sure what her children went thru they are showing her much love. Thank you DR. S. for being the one who cared to find the knowledge to give her a chance of life again. Blessing to all.

  5. When I watched Whoopie on that video, I saw her as you in the book Down the Hallway. I can just see her swag that you have coming forth. I love the twitfest…ok ok..I am sure I said that wrong as it has taken me all this time to understand I do not twit but tweet but don’t understand since it is twitter not tweeter…LOL. It is the ripple effect friend…Whoopie has inspired you…you have inspired so many and definitely inspired me to be a better fighter and keep going. Keep those mocs moving cause one day this book is gonna hit the charts and I can not wait…when I can say “I knew you when” LOL…hugs friend

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