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Dreaming For Others

“I’m living the Dream” with thanks to a dear friend who has readers all over the world who now know of #DownTheHallway and the other books available … I thank her as she daily “works the dream”, dares to dream and also let’s others know of my books!

Work The Dream

I have dreams but I also dream for others. I care about what others dream of and what they want to accomplish in their lives and I try to support them when I can. And today, I am dreaming for a friend of mine. Her name is Dr. Sherry E. Showalter.


She is a keynote speaker and an author and her newest book has been out now on the market for a month. This is her third book. All of her books are about survival and life. They all inspire and motivate you to make it through the hard things in life.

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Her newest book is getting great reviews and has only been out for a month and I am so proud for her. That book is Down The Hallway and is a book that will captivate you from the beginning and you will not want to put the…

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