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Dec 3, Giving Day

We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, we’ve heard about or participated in Black Friday, we’ve hopefully joined in to support local businesses for Small Business Saturday, we’ve raised our voices with joyous noise for prayerful intentions on Sunday, lived through Cyber Monday….

Today is “Giving Day”… It’s a day to give, to perhaps pay it forward just because you can, because you are kind, because you are a carrier of enthusiasm or of generous spirit or wonderful thoughts.

It’s a day to remember that we are never better than when doing something outside of ourselves and for the greater good of others.  Money tight?  don’t let that stop you. You can always just holler at someone, give a call to another, carry the groceries of someone that seems to need a bit of help loading their car!

Bring in the empty trash cans of a neighbor nearer to the door perhaps. Re-fill someone’s coffee just cos’ you can!

Give a smile to another, watch them look at you wondering if they know you or immediately shift their own face into a smile of return.
It could change their day… and you have given something precious, a moment in time freely to another.

Take a few minutes to run through your closet, through your kitchen… Are you really using all the “stuff” you have there? If not … load up that trunk of yours and take a drive to where ever or whoever is collecting stuff for others that may just be giddy with the notion of receiving it.  Drop it off, get a receipt if you like for your taxes and make some room for yourself in the process.  Make the most room for that feeling of giving to another as your light shines brighter within.

Feeling sadness of the coming holidays? Old man grief coming in as you are missing someone/something ?  MOVE… move the energy, the feelings through you by giving to others in ways that you can in the memory of those who are no longer here with us.  That might just help you to stand stronger.

Many are feeling or expressing that they are sad, feel broken during the holidays… it is just so hard as the holidays near.
YOU are not broken, you do not want (I would hope) to be broken. We all would do well to visualize the great willow tree, strong enough to bend.

today’s inspiration by the one and only Bonnie Raitt: “I will not be broken”

 sing, dance, move feelings through you as you move into this day and all days.  Remember those who are no longer here with us and honor them by living the best life you know. Give of you, your life, your energy to others as you find you will feel life stronger, energy higher and love stronger both here and from the next place the angels will surround you.

Walk in beauty
 author of
Down The Hallway



One comment on “Dec 3, Giving Day

  1. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your encouraging words today. Hope your day is a fantastic one. /Sandy♥

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