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Nelson Mandela ~ The World has been touched

A great man walked on into the next place yesterday… people in South Africa could be seen gathering in front of his home as the word spread of his transition; the dancing and singing was heard around the world. His life remembered on television as we all remembered his remarkable life. His imprint on the world, for and about others that was larger than self and devoted to peace, freedom and others.

We live now in a world where there is such turmoil, such hatred, such stress and doubt of those in leadership roles. A time that people are more into “self” than others as we hear of this one man; his journey through times that could turn the best bitter. His life, his legacy of peace, understanding, of love.  WE all are born into a world not seeing color that separates us, not feeling hatred that makes us jaded nor hostile. Those things are taught, fed with poison spoons in a world that feeds things that will shape mold and grow into adults, situations, that continue to grow discontent. 

LOVE WINS… Nelson won, he saw beyond bitterness, beyond color lines, beyond what is learned behaviors of so many while standing for freedom and peace. Encouraging hand to hand, soul to soul connections, knowing we all bleed red in unity. Knowing together we are capable of great things.  He was and is an inspiration to the world and our lives are richer because of him. Imagine the reunions taking place as he transitioned to the next place. the homecoming he is having now…
Now more than ever we need to love, to extend to another, to re-learn those things we once knew naturally. We must be stronger than ever before, to ignite the light that burns brightly within that is Creator given, that is shared with others so that they may shine brightly in LOVE.


As we move into the holidays, many are struggling now with grief, with sadness of what used to be, what once was, longing or missing traditions, people, things once held sacred, precious. As the holiday madness, the fa la la la la gets moving, we remember holidays gone by, those that used to be here, physically with us, now gone… our times together our words, actions… IF ONLY comes into play.

Take best care of you… Nurture the light within you, now more than ever before.

As Nelson Mandela walks on, as folks celebrate his 95 years, as we stand better because of his life here, his ability to stand through storms of horror, of pain, of resilience, may we use that to strengthen ourselves in all ways.

May you know hope in the holidays, peace in your soul. May you dance. May you find a “twinkle in your eye” or remember the “twinkle of another” or see the eyes of LOVE that give you all you need to do all you desire.

Walk in beauty,



One comment on “Nelson Mandela ~ The World has been touched

  1. Dr. SES a great tribute to the most strong,caring and faithful man on earth. The harm that was done to him thru out life made him even stronger. A life to be patterened for all of us. Our world would be so much better if we could set aside our holier than I attitude and do as he did love life and live it to the fullest without petty, jealous thoughts that go on day after day. Life live today and help the ones who deserve to live. What a wonderful man and so much he sacrificed for those he loved. The angels are surly having a great reception for him today. Thanks for the words of wisdom for you. Blessings for all.

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