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I believe in this most magical time of the year, I believe in kindness, I believe in goodness, I believe in Santa’s cause, I BELIEVE in paying it forward.

I BELIEVE in matters of the heart… I believe we each have a light within that burns brightly in the darkest of times even when we think it has gone away … and that from embers we can fire ourselves into action through reaching out to another. I believe when it feels to hard to stand we can hit our knees and once again know the reality of solid ground finding our core strength once more.

Yes, I BELIEVE within each person we can find faith, hope, happiness, strength. We can teach, reach, expand ourselves if we want to badly enough. IF we strive to be more than we dream, want to be more than our limitations, more than the box we feel we are in, more than the colors we limit ourselves to color our world with.

I BELIEVE in the magic  of Christmas, the moments of each breath, the good that outweighs the bad.  I believe when others say there is NO Santa, we can each look them in the eye and say, “Oh yes there is a Santa, it is in your heart, in your soul, in the way you give to others in kindness, in compassion, in the way you walk your walk each and every day of your life… if only YOU BELIEVE”


It’s beginning to look a lot like magic, razzle dazzle and good things … I believe we all could use a little believing of good things within and around in acts of giving to one another kindness, care, and compassion.  I don’t have to see the moon at night but I do believe it to be there. I believe there are angels surrounding me but I do not need to know their names.


I believe there is a Universal Oneness, The Creator that is greater than all of us, but I do not have to see or have breakfast with that Creator.

I believe… In Santa and his cause.

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One comment on “I BELIEVE…

  1. what a beautiful blog and the meaning is so true. There is Santa in all our hearts if we allow it. It does not matter how rich or poor we are….it matters how our hearts are. And you my friend…have a BEAUTIFUL heart. HUGS

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