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MIddle of the week and oh my, let’s go go go

Jingle bell Jingle bell Jingle Bell ROCK and roll folks… Time to get your dance on today as we are moving along with a brisk pace all over the lands. I’ve heard that homes are beginning to have the most wonderful smells as cookies are being made (today is COOKIE BAKING DAY)… as the list is made for grocery shopping, for gifts of wonderful goodies for others across the land.  My friend next door met me in the driveway yesterday with two little pieces of her homemade annual fudge to “sample”. Sample I did, leaving me wanting more!

Ah yes, it’s the most magical time of the year… with the smells of scented candles, the aromas of great foods and baked goods in our minds, memories or fresh this week, it’s beginning to feel and look a lot like the Holidays of 2013.

Whatever they might look, feel and taste like to each unique individual around our land.  Teddy bears are being donated for children who are coping with more than a child should ever have to cope with while Toys for Tots are hoping for a magical year, as people who are fighting their own individual battles are hoping for a miracle or the courage to walk the steps needed today and the day after.

Those who are working through issues, through the pain of loss revisited or new are walking on unfamiliar turf in a time of festivities and bells that are ringing yet hearing and seeing it all through different eyes.  Sometimes it may help us all to remember there is a light that burns brightly within each of us, a light so bright that it calls upon us to shine and to be…

We can each lend a light to another we can each shine as bright as we dare… through the moment, the day, the season… Embracing it with wonder, with enthusiasm, with the prayer that in kindness we find all that we seek, with the hope that there is magic for all including self to be more.

It is the time to tinsel with each step in wonder in kindness and in compassion and in dance whether you think you can or think you can’t… you will be correct.

Today, I will rock… I will turn up the volume on life, its wonder, its magic… as this day is truly a gift. And I will be surrounded by angels. For that I am grateful.

 Wishing you a wacky wonderful wishful Wednesday!

Walk in beauty


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