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The Day after…….

Christmas has come, the presents that were under the tree now opened, Santa now full from the cookies and milk around the world… many wondering how is it that it seems to have come and gone so quickly?

Here we are…  the day after Christmas, the day after the day most have been waiting for, the meal eaten, the leftovers probably waiting for us once again today!  Seems it went by so very fast… Christmas 2013 day now here we are, hopefully still jammin’ on the feelings, the love, the good will of the holidays. At least that is the hope I have for each and everyone.

 As this day finds many still gathered, some on vacations and others who had to return to the grind of work today, may they be filled with the holiday spirit wherever they are, whatever they find themselves doing.

It’s interesting how many have the tradition of taking down trees on the day after Christmas, taking down decorations, removing all right after the holiday itself. As the wrapping paper is shredded and put to the trash, this day for so many is a day of putting homes back to order and moving toward the new goal of getting ready for the New Year that is on the horizon.

Preparing, gathering, de-cluttering on the minds of many it seems.

What continues to amaze me? The numbers of ads running on televisions to entice us to HIT the stores today! The extended hours and remarkable sales that “we don’t want to miss” as the lines for returns of items that don’t fit, or just aren’t what we wanted will twist and twirl around the stores… While there, the sales will be deeper than ever we are told, buy this or that we are enticed while there. A day to shop til’ you drop once again on this day after Christmas!
Go figure…

I’ve heard it said that many do their shopping for next Christmas on this the day after Christmas for the best deals, deep discounts… I just cannot imagine. It reminds me of going grocery shopping while with a full belly! Just not appealing to me, but for others, I bet it is just a thrilling shop til’ ya drop moment.  

Here with mine, we will chill today, we will enjoy the sun, shoot a few hoops and enjoy a few movies and the tradition of watching the Grinch once again. Of course there are the “leftovers”… can’t forget those!  And heaven forbid we forget the nap after Christmas day, naps are a great thing, they help the brain to reset the energy of Christmas day excitement.

 There are still magnificent Christmas lights to see all over the place that makes the night time drives a delight…  a wonderful way to spend some time together with the volume turned UP as the songs are sung and seeing the fruits of the labor of those you don’t know portrayed on their homes in lights of love and cheer.

Yes, Christmas day is now a memory, but the season is still alive as we now prepare to put a close on 2013… It’s goin to be a great day today.
……………. if you want it to be.

There are those though, (just keepin’ it real) who will work their plan to make others feel bad or less than they are. It seems there’s always a story of how someone works it to make others feel bad, to harm with words and/or actions toward another. Misery loves company is an old expression with much truth, and still there are those who seem to get great gain from inflicting harm on another. Sage advice under such times: those who set out to make another feel less are saying a lot about them, not necessarily about you. It would serve a person well to remember that, to stand up or walk away from toxicity and free yourself from such harsh words/people/circumstances while living your life to the fullest. Love WINS.
Each of us are responsible for turning our heads around, turning our thoughts around, turning our selves into the best version of ourselves… STOMP

 Wishing you a “wicked kewl” day after Christmas!

Happy First Day of Kwanzaa!

Walk in beauty,



One comment on “The Day after…….

  1. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made good memories with family and friends. Glad that is has now passed and we are waiting for the New Year to get here in a few days. Have a wonderful day friends /Sandy♥

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