American Idol is Back, Let’s here it for the Judges!

American Idol has returned once again! Oh yes I must admit I sat in front of the television to tune in, to see the “vibe” that would set the stage for the annual show, the crowds of hopefuls that will take the stage in hopes for the golden ticket to Hollywood. It sure seems that all will be going, or most of all anyway! My greatest treat of last nights show, was the energy, the fun of the judges as they took their seats! I had the best of times laughing at what appeared their enjoyment of each other, their true humor and their decisions to be a “gentle judging of talent”… and at the same time I’ve decided that their ears and my ears are truly different ears as they moved many through that I would have moved out.

I’m not sure if the excitement of Ryan Seacrest made him just lose his mind during the evening with his pretend football that had him running and trying to leap over chairs, before he landed over chairs and on the floor being chased by a hopeful contestant that could have picked him up and launched him to the top of the New Years Eve ball he talked about not so long ago; or when he decided to pick up a cowboy at the door before he almost fell under him on the way down! Oh Ryan, what in the world were you thinking? One thing is for sure, Ryan has said he will never let go or leave American Idol! 
Harry Connick Jr., now there is a breath of fresh air, and he made me laugh so hard, I could almost not catch my breath, “who dat” as hopefuls gushed over Jennifer Lopez and he looked at Keith Urban trying to talk behind her back on “what have you been Up to Keith?” Just too funny they were.
But when one contestant a young man let him know that HE, Harry was his idol, the night was complete.  I thought that the judges would follow me in falling on the floor.
Yes, it was a night of the judges, they put a new face on Idol, a new “vibe” to be certain.

It continues on tonight, the contestants, the hopefuls, the ones who will gently be told NO… the “musicality” has been brought to the stage as we see Keith absorb music into his body, through his eyes and his head, in a way that I love to watch people watch music. These judges are a good fit, they have magic within them.  It seems that American Idol may have been watching “The Voice”, they may be trying hard to get a panel that fits together that plays together, that works together in harmony while erasing the social media backlash of last year.  It may be they have succeeded well. Time will tell.

Many will miss Randy, will miss the “dawg”, the tradition of him as he was the only original judge left. Remember when Stephen was there? His love of just everyone? I did enjoy seeing him see the music, see the notes and watch the sounds… Heaven knows he has a “flare for music, women and song”…  They worked as judges, but I don’t think they were quite as funny as the judges last night… the magic of last night in the ease with each other, the wit of each other collectively.  Ryan will lead it off, will keep folks moving along, I just hope he doesn’t hurt himself in the process. Now I do have to say, that little silly box they have put folks in has me wondering though.. green light, red light, poof your hair, go. silly box.


tonight, more American Idol, I have to say… I’ll be watching, if for no other reason, I have already gotten tickled by the chemistry of Harry, JLo and Keith. Just maybe, there will be someone who “kills it” when their mouth opens and I’ll hear something that moves through me in a way like I’ve never heard before.
So far?  There is one young man with a guitar… he never tried out before, he said, “I didn’t think I was ready”… I liked that, and he had some wild licks on that guitar. so we’ll see, we’ll listen, we’ll watch as once again American Idol kicks off!

I still miss Simon, yes I admit it. 

But, I do so enjoy the way these judges laugh at themselves and each other. We’ve now seen the first night, where it seemed so many are going to Hollywood… now let’s see what happens when the big decisions are made as the judges continue to tickle me to life!

Let the music play on, the ones who dream dream on, while working their plans.

Here’s to the Judges… of American Idol today as they just entertain while having the best of times!

May you have the best of times!

Walk in beauty
author of 
Down The Hallway
Healing Heartaches
Chronic Pain; Hand In Hand


2 comments on “American Idol is Back, Let’s here it for the Judges!

  1. helloooo
    I miss the debut but you did a
    superb job in your review…
    cannot wait to watch tonight. I had grown quite bored with the shows panel of judges last year.. I enjoyed Steven Tyler a lot but had
    enough of DAWG.. and disliked the sometimes mean and biting remarks made amoung the panel, and to the
    contestants.. JLo and Keith ( ♥ ♥ ♥) are delightful and I'm thrilled
    at the idea of Harry Jr. completing the trio..
    most of all, thanks for a refreshing blog with enertaining
    theme.. I've had enough of the horror of the local news and the entire mood of reaction to all that is negative in our world..
    have a great day !! Thanks for the
    breath of fresh air..
    by the way,
    PLEASE turn up the heat here in our sunshine state !
    sign me, brrrrrrrrr..
    ♥ A.

  2. Good morning, good take on the American Idol. Oh how I long for Harry to come see me and we will make beautiful music together. Jlo was on Leno the other night with a beautiful black leather dress on and guess what her bosom was not hanging out like so many stars today. I just fell in love with her. Looking back I have not seen any vulgar action out of her on stage as we have seen with Beyonce and Miley. I had deep regards for Beyonce but when I saw that last video she kept secret from the music world, what was she thinking? She should have kept it secret forever. Ugly. Getting back to the American Idol as the news said the judges are the best of all time. Keith is so sweet and soft spoken and Jlo laugh warms our hearts. I think I said enough about Harry, him picking up the contestant was a great move to have the contestant to relax. ha. Loved the show but like you some of the contestants will not make it but maybe the judges were giving them confidence to try harder. Love it and hope it is not disappointing to us. You go Keith, Jlo, and Harry. Blessings

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