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Down The Hallway, The Book

“Down The Hallway the Story of one woman’s journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder” is now available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles and who knows where else I am discovering which just tickles me to life! It is available at also at www.authordrsherryeshowalter.com  along with Healing Heartaches and Chronic Pain; Hand In Hand if folks would like them author-graphed!

It has been amazing to me as I recently read the reviews on Amazon after hearing from someone who asked, “Have you seen the reviews on Down The Hallway?”  So I took the leap, I looked… As I held my breath wondering what others thought, and how it was being received out in the world of the gazillions of books, I found myself filled with gratitude, with absolute goose bumps to be honest.

Down The Hallway now has 17 five star reviews by those who have taken the time to review it! I sat staring, re reading each word, each thought trying to visualize and memorize each one. I am honored by all. As I realize that Down The Hallway is still an infant out there in the world, I can only say, “thank you” to those who are reading, those who have read it, those who are now telling others of the power of one woman and her courage as she discovered multiple personalities that came out and forward to me and to her in our work together.  It is a book that I’ve been told and do believe would make one powerful bigscreen movie, capturing the essence of Charmaine, her Alters, their personalities and desire to survive against all odds.  God knows it would capture a therapist who at times flew by their pants trying to keep up with the myriad of changes and challenges along with rich opportunities along the way!

 I’ve been told by strangers who now seem to email me their thoughts on how the story might have flowed or ebbed, how it may get to the right hands… I always find that fascinating… It was how it was, one can no more change that than they can change the tides. I’ve been told that I need to get this book to Oprah, to Tom Hanks. I too think that a sterling idea! Have ya ever walked up to either one and handed them a book while out minding your own business or at the post office? Seems they just don’t walk by often, nor answer their mail … but there is always the moment in time when the Universe lines things up just right.

Just as those times when you pay it forward, everyone in a while, it is paid forward and you are the one standing their to recieve the gifts, to read the reviews of how something was just sooo good in the eyes, spirit and mind of another. One just never knows the reach of humanity and what moves or motivates another in the grand scheme of things when working a plan. Who would have thought I would have been the recipient of working with a woman with such courage? I sure didn’t.

I have been asked if Down The Hallway was a bout grief and loss… My response was “oh my gawd, yes that and so much more”. It is sensory, it is timely and topical, it is horrible and humorous, it is life that quite frankly was played out over time for the first time for a woman who had black outs and memories of such abuse that it would make you want to cry. BUT, it was courage, survival through loss and grief, work and tears.  
It was a long hallway, one that most will never walk and one that is forever etched in my mind.  Yes, I can see it as a movie someday, but for now, I am looking for folks to read it, to absorb its reality, and then looking through a different lens at life; theirs, and others.

Just maybe the DSM-5 should have left things alone, with wording of Multiple Personality disorder; at least that is something people can easily understand… they could have then explained dissociation and its complexities.

Just a thought.  
Take a look at what others are saying about their read of Down The Hallway, please let others know as well.


Whoopi would make a great me in the movie don’t ya think?

Walk in beauty


One comment on “Down The Hallway, The Book

  1. Thank you again for the amazing follow up with Down the Hallway. I just finished reading the 5 star reviews. Wonderful words written. I have heard so many say what a great book it is but I have not seen their reviews posted. I cant imagine not posting such a wonderful book. I guess so many people are too busy to write reviews, makes you wonder did they really read the book and understand the meaning of DID. I for one had never heard of DID. I am so glad I got the opportunity to read and enjoy. It was a great book and I for one think that Oprah and her people should read it and I am surprised you have not heard from Tom Hanks one of the most loved actors of all time. We will forever love him. People who have made all of the money and can do anything does not take the time to acknowledge other peoples greatness. I have a good feeling that Dr. Showalter will be rewarded some day with greatness. Keep on ready loyal fans and maybe someday the other followers will decide it is time to write. Happy Days to all.

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