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Winter’s chill, maybe it has gotten into peoples hearts.

The colds of January have folks digging out, bundling up, wishing for spring to arrive! Winter in all its splendor, in all its headaches, aches, pains and problems is taking a toll across the lands. Some are having the best of times, as Canadians and those in Wounded Knee laugh at the new words “Polar Vortex” being used to describe what we once called WINTER in January when it hits hard and strong.  We seem to now have new names for things; winter vortex, selfies, affluenxa, and all that jazz making us somehow wonder and scratch our heads when not just laughing out loud or trying to make sense of things.  One thing is for sure, when wind chills hit -56 degrees I have to wonder how in the world folks manage to do it, keep their sanity and go about their days. I listen and watch the same folks who not so long ago were ready for winter, wishing for snow and the cold to offer respite from the summer sun and heat, now wishing for spring and the sun to warm them. Wishing and wanting, as the snow falls, the ice makes such beautiful icicles and the roads are treacherous but still folks get out there and try as they may to beat the odds as they move about on roads.

HELL even froze not so long ago, in Michigan and they showed us the sign. Now that says a lot in my book, as I sit here in the sunshine state with socks, sweats, and wonder why and how it can get in the 30’s with wind gusts off the water making 50 feel like 20 degrees! Nope, not whining, just saying, it sure is chilly… even in the sunshine state! Hell has officially frozen though, maybe that why such crazy crap is going on in our world… maybe that is why this cold has infiltrated the common sense of so m any in their daily lives making them act in ways that leave us astonished and often shaking our heads wondering where common sense has gone, or why it seems there is no respect for man’s humanity to man/woman.

 Has the cold of winter, the stress of winter affected the people to the point of making hearts and warm blooded creatures turn cold in compassion, caring, respect for each other and themselves this first month of 2014? If so, we know that this too shall pass… One thing we do know, there were three school shootings so far in 2014, horrendous happenings already including a man who point blank shot a father/husband in an afternoon theater … Just this week in St. Petersburg Florida, a young man beat down a door of a neighbor and almost beat him to death, including it appears making a damn good effort of eating on his face in a rage… shall we call it “synthetic drugs”? I don’t know, but I will call it unrestrained lack of respect of human life. 

Little kids are pitching fits in restaurants, speaking with lack of respect to their family members, yet when we see them with friends and the friends family’s we see model children with manners and respect… what does that tell us? How does that happen? Is it the weather, is it the warmth, is it boundaries… choices.

Winters’ chill, now we hear it is “a polar vortex” as folks in Canada giggle, as folks in Russia think us just nutty with that label. Whatever it is, there are some  tough folks out there, who live in states where the minus degrees is an annual event, those who live only by wood heat, those who drive 120 miles to the nearest store for what is needed, or 150 miles to the nearest docs for care.  I cannot imagine it. The chilly winds of the sunshine state are enough for me, but the sun comes out to shine, the people can still choose to shine, to filter that which does not serve anyone with their thoughts, fluid feelings and thoughts.  Some look forward to the annual frigid waters, embrace it for the good. The Annual Polar Bear Plunge … the screams can be heard as folks run with all their might into waters that are as cold as the air, or colder… Usually to benefit a cause, always to risk, to dare to do something they never imagined they could. Even a polar bear would question their lack of fur while jumping into such waters with wild abandon in winter! Maybe that is the good stuff that winters chill does for the heart, for the greater good of others. Did it, wasn’t a fan! Once was enough, but I get the adrenalin rush behind it… silly crazy fun!

 I do love the laughter, the courage, the absolute thrill of the faces… brrr that is some cold waters as I think of the Gulf waters now about 45 degrees here.  The beloved Manatees are looking for warm waters, needing the warmth here and can be seen in the bayous away from the big waters huddled up.

When we think of the chill, the cold, the hard times or inconvienience, I can’t help but think of the soldiers guarding the Tomb of the Unknown. The walk, the endless walk…

24/7 all weather, heat, cold, rain, snow… Thank you Guard.

for the rest of us?

The fire is burning, its embers are hot… Take best care of you, warm your hearts, take care of your backs, be safe out there!  I’m sure many of you are now using food coloring to paint your snow with your own messages now:

Hold tight to knowing, spring is on its way, wonder if we will develop a new name for that?

Kindness spring sounds good.

Walk in beauty,


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