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The U.S.A. Olympic Athletes 2014

Ralph Lauren has let us see our US team outfits, the thoughts have spread across social media with those who like, love and those who wonder what in the world was he thinking as we have all seen the 2014 selection! One thing is certain, our colors stand out, they represent our United States, just as every man and woman will in Sochi for this years Olympic games. Ralph Lauren certainly put the heart of America in the fabrics that our Americans will wear as they proudly walk with their hopes in hand and their heads high, joining others from all across the world to compete.

 We’ve listened to Mitt Romney tell us that he would take his family there as he feels safety will not be an issue. We’ve heard Putin and his stance on gays, telling Americans and others to “stay away from the children” in Russia and the zero tolerance for gays there. We’ve also listened to the incoming threats to security and less than welcoming messages for America and its athletes.  

These young men, women; who have dreamed of this Olympics, those who have trained to be the best of the best since children. They sleep, eat, dream “the Olympics”, now having received their outfits to represent their country.  In just a few short days the games will begin.  

The hard work, the stress, the mounting excitement, the adrenalin… all now tainted with perceived threats of the potential of terrorism by extremist groups. Memos being received and Americans being told to not wear their uniforms outside the venue, nor to sport their Americanism for fear of harm.

Some parents, friends, Americans deciding the fear is too great, the threats becoming too large to attend. 
Why exactly did we agree to an Olympic event in a country where America would be so very unwelcome?

Will our athletes lose their edge now being coached on how to walk in the streets under such duress of perceived and very real threat on their lives there? Wearing their team colors now making them a target seems to be a large stressor for those who are proud of their country, representing their country and ramping up to compete.  

Those threats… including new video of Jhad groups and security preparing for the unthinkable at an event attended by the world with the rest of the world watching. It is hard to imagine that the traditional Games, of athletes who are coming from across the lands/seas the globe in unity to compete, to do their personal best would be viewed now as the biggest target of hatred and harm.

Talk of a “Black Widow” of Jhadist groups, radical Islmaist groups, and those who are securing areas…

This has got to be on the minds of athletes, of their families and loved ones. It has got to be on the minds of the millions who will be watching, watching not just the remarkable skills of those who will be competing, but also watching and hoping that all is well, all is safe within such a country that has let the U.S.A. know their colors are not safe to wear.

“SOCHI, Russia — The United States Olympic team and at least five other national delegations have received messages making terrorist threats ahead of the Winter Games, adding to mounting security fears two weeks before competition begins.”

AS we move closer to the games, let us all send energy to those there, send mindful hope that all will be safe.
“The safety and security of Team USA is our top priority,” Scott Blackmun, CEO of the Olympic Committee, said in a statement Wednesday. “As is always the case, we are working with the U.S. Department of State, the local organizers and the relevant law enforcement agencies in an effort to ensure that our delegation and other Americans traveling to Sochi are safe.”

 Friday FEB 7th, let the games begin…
God Bless you Olympiads may you be safe, may you be successful and may you find this to be the best of your dreams.  These folks have worked so hard, so long to pursue their dream… what a damn rotten shame they now cannot wear their colors wherever they go with pride, with confidence knowing they are safe. What a damn shame that they have to have thoughts of safety intrude thoughts and centering to prepare for their day… their day where they put it all out there as they go for the Gold doing what they have trained to do.

What a world, when we lend help to the very people who live to destroy others in ways that boggle the fabric of society along with our minds.

 May we know peace …




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