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Do it Anyway…

Do it anyway!
I think the first line sums it up on this last day of January 2014… “People are often unreasonable and self-centered.”  It may be that “self-absorbed” is a better word, as most are so busy living their lives they become unreasonable to the kindness that now seems to be out of vogue, out of step with a hurried world and a world out of control. Kindness is now such a rarity that at times we find ourselves and our body shifting when it happens! From someone holding a door open for you, to someone smiling a smile with bright eyes, kindness now seems to be such a rare gift we all are taken aback when it happens… 
Do it anyway! Find the courage to step outside of your own way while remembering the feeling when others say hello to you while moving through their day. Hold a door for another, offer to help unload a shopping cart at a car with good intention for another, just because you can.  Do it anyway, with hope in your heart for a greater world in the making that you are a part of.
I remember once hearing the now 60 year old Oprah who celebrated her birthday on the 29th of January  saying  “I offer my hand to others to pull them forward” (or something like that).  I liked thinking that she does that, that she is not so big that she does not offer her hand in kindness to others, in pulling them forward to success with integrity.
I like knowing that folks around the world can do many small things each and every day in kindness with intention and mindfulness asking for nothing in return. I love that folks who are perhaps having the hardest of times make time to offer prayer and thoughts for another in the world.
Do it anyway; whatever it is that might brighten a day, that might make a light brighter along your path.
Do it anyway; wherever the opportunity rises that allows you to rise with it.
Do it anyway; even if you have to turn around at the dead end street take time to notice the area, the sky, the ground that is there. Take the time to inhale and exhale while being grateful for the lesson, the blessings of your life.
Do it anyway; know that you will never please everyone, someone will have something to say about everything. That is their story, not yours.  EVERYONE has a story… just don’t become the story. Live Love become the kindness.
Just be.

BE kind… Just do it anyway you can!

I was honored last night to be the guest on the radio with Chaz Wesley. His show titled, “From Grief to Grace” is heard in 143 countries and sponsored through Unity.Fm, the voice of an Awakening World. Last nights show was “Krumpled Kleenex” dedicated to my book, Healing Heartaches! We had a lovely time. 
You can now listen to the show by clicking this link. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed joining him live last evening!  Thank you Chaz for having me.


Last night, Jan. 30th 2014, the second Super Moon was also viewed by some, was felt by many. It also was and will be remembered as the night that one beautiful woman, loved by so many chose to step up into the next place…
Louise Eagan Duckworth, beloved friend, wife, mother. A woman known for her courage, her laugher, her smile, her kindness, her fun, her struggle. She picked her moment, to use that rising Super Moon as stepping stones to dance into the galaxies, ending her painful journey and now once again, she soars free. Just a few days ago, Laura Roorda sat at her bedside, lovingly touching her, carefully doing her nails, quietly sharing intimate time… Both knowing her time here was drawing to a close, both knowing that love is eternal, that bonds will continue into the next place and beyond. Gotta have those nails lookin good, gotta get that hug, silence speaks volumes, and a Duck is is a Duck here there and just everywhere!
May those who love her embrace her journey, her freedom from pain, as they remember her LIFE. The Creator has gained another angel to dance in the lights and watch over all of us.

 DO IT ANYWAY… kindness, joy, peace, love… share it.

Walk in beauty,


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