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You Are The Warrior Within

Anytime we fall down in doing anything and we get up and have another go at it, count it as progress! It is in the “getting up” that makes a warrior, (di tli hi) as the Cherokee alphabet would say. Getting up does not mean the warrior is fearless, fierce or that s/he is one hundred percent self-confident. It does mean that s/he fully expects strength, faith and hope to come as s/he needs it. How about NOW? (na quu na) as The Cherokee say? Whether caregiving for a loved one, grieving losses by inches or the finality of death… it is painful and an exhausting challenge. One that will change your world and your very essence forever.

The task is to learn to live a rich and full life with those changes! Everyone has times of being afraid, uncertain, and unsure of their footsteps along the journey; some fear falling down and staying down. That is when faith, strength and tenacity of purpose will serve you well. Relying on yourself, your beliefs (The Great Spirit), friends and family (of birth or choice) gives us courage to speak powerful words that will bolster the human spirit. So… how about now? (NA QUU NA)? Asking for help from those who have walked the walk, guidance from those who have “been there”, trusting in time to ease your pain of loss. The journey through grief is a long one my friend; one with many turns and bends along the way, there may be times of great struggle, BUT… YOU ARE A WARRIOR.  You will get up, you will get through this. Your grief will become a scar of honor, a testament that you have both loved and been loved.

“I know the Great Spirit is looking down upon me from above, and will hear what I say.” (Sitting Bull) 

You may be quiet, but you are warriors, you are survivors.

Walk in Beauty.


One comment on “You Are The Warrior Within

  1. The timing of this message could not be more needed in my life right now!
    Thank you!

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