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Are You Celebrating Your Day and Your Life?

“I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” 

{Elwyn Brooks White}

great day

Good Morning to all. It’s a great day to be alive. The sun shines. I am filled with precious memories, looking forward to the future, living my dream, right here, right now ~ and I am filled with amazing grace, excitement and appreciation for this day …

Ah but what about the rest of you today? This very moment? Will you let it rush by, missing what today has to offer while waiting for the promise of the future, or dwelling on days gone by, waiting on that phone call or that message to come or on things that are not of your life in your world?

Sounds silly, and it is.

For today we must savor every moment. Today is all we really have. This day. No guaranteed promise of tomorrow. Hope?  Yes. A promise? Hmm…

So with coffee in hand each morning, I listen for the sounds of this morning. I enjoy the perfect sunrises when they come, smell the grass beginning to push it’s way to the sun or the rain falling on the grass. I listen to the birds chirping in the background.  I know whatever this day brings, I will bring to it my appreciation, a kind deed whenever possible and loving thoughts and actions. I will celebrate this day as it unfolds. I will strive to create some good.

We get out of life what we put into it. Today I will pour all my good energy into this day. No matter the day, I will take a good outlook with me. I will put a smile purposefully on my face. I will greet my family and loved ones, each colleague and stranger with cheer and kindness. And so, today will be wonderful because I have set out to bring about this specific result. I will look for the best I see in others. I will give the best of myself. Adversity will have no hold on me today. Today… this is MY day, my day to shine, my day, I own this day! I FEEL GREAT ~

If it rains on my parade, I will throw up my umbrella. Or better yet, toss it away and dance in the raindrops. For somewhere in the rain there is the cleansing the water brings. Perhaps I’ll just jump in the puddles along the way while dancing through the day ~ 🙂

I do not want to lose the message in metaphor, but it is a matter of choices. Making lemonade out of the lemons we are handed. Knowing that if indeed, this day brings some lemons, I am OK with that. I promise that it will not be all lemons, or instead of making a pitcher of lemonade, I’ll open a lemonade factory! See how easy that was? A solution instead of a problem. Am I painting a picture here?

It is all about choices. Our lives are formed by the moment by moment choices we make. Let’s chose to make good choices today. Choose joy, choose laughter. Celebrate today! Squeeze every bit of joy out of this day. Create the day you want to have. It is your choice how your day goes and you have to do the choosing. No one, not even me, can choose for you.

Today, I will spend my talent. Invest in some pleasure, find something funny in the day. Laugh. Dance to the music in my head and celebrate, really celebrate!

I hope that you too will create a wonderful day. Be thankful for the opportunity to invest in YOUR life. Know that you are in charge of your attitude. You may not be able to change every outcome, but you can influence the outcome. You write your own script. Starting today, you  take charge of your life. Have the right attitude. If you can not change the circumstance, change the way you feel about it.

Add joy to your life and to the life of others. Use your talents. Be of good cheer, and most of all, embrace today’s possibilities.

At the end of my life, I want to know that I do not have even one drop of talent, one bit of goodness that I did not spend. One opportunity to laugh, to love, to sing, or dance left in me. For in so doing, I will have lived a good and full lie.

Appreciate today.

Just imagine what you would do if you never knew the word fear! Step out on your own and just do. We can not depend on others for our happiness or our joy. Be your own warrior.

Keeping the fires burning here for all those who are in need of the strength and the thoughts on the embers and on the winds.

I wish you enough,

Walk In Beauty



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