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Walking Through My Mind

What a lovely picture to lose yourself in … taking a walk with only the trees and nature as your companions, with beauty surrounding you. Ah…  and just that easy, we can all do that anytime we want! By just holding this picture in your mind and practicing that mindfulness that I have written about; you too can take that walk as often as you make the time for yourself!
Perhaps you can fit a few minutes into your day… sit still, close your eyes… bring up that picture you have just committed to your memory and safe place in your mind/heart … take a nice deep breath ~ ~ ~ breathe in ~ ~ ~ breathe out ~ ~ ~ and then take that lovely stroll through the picture … relax… enjoy it…

We all deserve those small breaks in the day; times to refresh our spirit and renew our senses! You may be surprised at how good it can make you feel!  This photo is a wonderful one to use as an image to hold in your mind, one to return to from time to time, and to breathe into for a break from the stress of the day, by taking  a walk in your mind!

Sometimes we all need gentle reminders of things like this, small steps to give ourselves the permission for self-care during the hustle and bustle of a regular day. It’s not that I am talking to myself or to those reading this as a child, it’s that I know how we all get busy and forget the essentials of self, particularly self-care! But it is important to do something good for YOU each and every day… really important!

I’ve been known to say to a friend and/or colleague; “tell it to me like I was three and then tell it to me one more time”! Figuring that way, I might really absorb the words into my nervous system and make their words my truth on a primal level, not necessarily an intellectual one!
Children instinctively seem to know how to balance; they play hard and rest hard! They scream and holler and stomp with wild abandon and then they tell you that they are sad beyond words and quiet or tearful. They are good about those things, but then they become like us… they grow up and become “civilized adults”… they learn to bury their emotions, to stuff those feelings and to “run, run, run”.  Can you remember when you were little? Do you need to run barefoot in the rain again?

We need to be more like the children; to have recess time, nap time, restore time in order to holler, stomp, play… balance! Perhaps then we would not be grouchy in traffic at the end of a day, would feel more energized in the afternoon, have more to give to others in our lives,  … maybe we would laugh more and be more spontaneous and easier to talk to about matters of the heart! Something to think about anyway…

But for today… perhaps you can just take a few minutes and look at this photo, take a few cleansing breaths, close your eyes for a few minutes and visualize taking a walk through that photo… listening to the sounds ~ smelling the fragrances ~ feeling the sun on your face ~ hearing the whispers from the wind ~ and the sounds of laughter ~

Balance…  ~Body-Spirit-Mind Connection ~
Laugh ~ Love ~ Stomp ~ Play ~ Live ~ Rejoice ~ Enjoy ~ Play

I just love Dr. King’s quote>>”If you can’t laugh in Heaven, I don’t want to go.” 
You can laugh today…you just only need to look around you; there is something funny somewhere..make faces in the mirror if you have to, or make faces at a stranger and watch how they look at you. Now, that will be very funny!!! YOU must choose to be happy and not depend on another person to make you happy. Remember Shakespeare… tragedy/comedy, tragedy/comedy
Walk In Beauty

One comment on “Walking Through My Mind

  1. I LOVE this! I find one good way to get in touch with my inner kid(s) is to “go back” to those childhood years by looking at toys from that era, listening to some of the Top 40 songs or watching old television clips or commercials on YouTube! I also love the visualization you did with “Charmaine” where she actually moved her feet as if the water was washing over them! Very cool stuff! 🙂

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