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Listen For The Laughter

Dare to LAUGH! It is truly a healthy and fun moment when we can take the time for humor. And let’s face it, there are many a humorous moment in this wonderful life that we are so blessed to be living. It helps if you can believe in miracles; to believe in magic, to believe in the moment and the memories. It helps if you can remember to not take yourself so seriously!

I had every intention of writing about laughter on this day, I searched for the hard drive, hooked it up all by limited computer self, and found the above photo… It was worth it because I had a good laugh as I recalled these precious and “spoiled rotten ” but ever so loved kids on that day having the best day ever and filling the kitchen with laughter as I tried and tried for a “sweet and loving picture”!  Fat chance of that happening!  The point here is that memories can refresh and renew and often take us to a place of sunshine in our hearts. A place where the sounds of laughter take over and fill our senses blocking out the unwanted noise of all else that may have occupied that space just moments prior.

That wonderful sound of laughter can and does blend in harmony with our own allowing us to look beyond the rain, the snow, the mud on the windshield… beyond the pain of struggle, the hurt of loss.  It can and will transport you along the journey allowing mind-body-spirit connection often in spite of yourself! Forgetting the little things that once seemed so large to you and upsetting your equilibrium like an inner-ear infection!

Open your heart, your mind and your spirit to fresh air, good music that feels your soul, good friends and celebrate your warrior within when you are feeling low.  Listen for the laughter, notice its effects; pay attention to your cheeks on your face, to the power it has in your heart! Cherish memories as you listen to the winds of change… taste the rain, throw a snowball.  Storms never last… do they?

The Cherokee teach their young to listen… perhaps that is why the Creator gives us one mouth and two ears! We hear not the crash of cymbals or the noise of traffic… we hear the sweet song of trees, the thunder beings playing in spirit land, the rhythms of rain dancing on leaves.

It is here my friends where as the Cherokee write “dikanowadidohi” angels sing!

I’m listening………………. Are you laughing???

“Life does not cease to be funny when people die, just as it does not cease to be serious when people laugh”

(George Bernard Shaw)

Blessings. I wish you all enough


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