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Snow, Snow, did I mention Cold weather?

Winter, snow, cold weather… one thing we can say is this: “Enough already”!
Snow, snow and now more snow making its way across the south, up the East coast with freezing rains, traffic that is treacherous as record snowfalls are being recorded all across the lands.  I’m not quite sure how some are doing it, those who cannot pull the blankets up over their heads, and watch the beauty of the snow fall from a window while staying tucked safely inside their homes. I’ve heard from folks across the country, their stories of having to get up, clear their cars and still manage to get out there to do what they do in spite of the dangers for the good of others.
I think of the United States Postal workers who trudge through it, the truckers who go from state to state transporting all that we all need or want from here to there. The Fed X and UPS trucks that seem to manage the odds while bundled up and getting it done.
I feel great pain in my heart of those who have had to delay the burials of loved ones because of frozen grounds, and then my mind goes to those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown today where it is in the teens of degrees and more than 12″ of snow has fallen, more still to come with freezing rain.  They continue to do what they do, with honor, with integrity, with such respect 24/7.
I think and remember when I would hate having to get up early to snow, to traffic and to the craziness of rush hour knowing that so many do not have a clue of how to drive in such conditions. Scraping the windshield, feeling the pain of such cold sear my body and hands. I do not miss that but do enjoy seeing the pictures of snow on the trees, in the mountains and the scenes of snowmen and folks sledding. The tranquility of freshly fallen snow, the memories it evokes still make me smile, thinking of times when riding down a hill on a sleigh or a shovel were the greatest of thrills, the cold didn’t seem so cold at the time.  The laughter, the exhale of breath that left a trail of steam always delighted and thrilled everyone it seemed. Oh those were the days as they are remembered.
 These snows seem to be filled with accidents on the roads, with folks stressed to the max as propane to heat their homes hits skyrocketed prices, as people cannot dig out fast enough before the next big hit. Kids are even sick and tired of being out of school and parents are sick and tired of kids being at home!  Building snowmen is now tedious and cold work with little joy and too much chill in the air to even be fun.  Michigan is frozen, even Hell has frozen.  Seems the fun of winter has worn off and folks are praying for spring… 35 days til’ spring, and just about everyone wants a piece of that groundhog that either does or does not see its shadow each year!
Then there are those folks who just have to get to work; those in healthcare, hospice, nursing homes. Those who better call out dead if they call out at all during times like this!  Oh this weather is wearing on folks to be certain, our bodies know when the weather is changing, when the winds are going to whip, when the rain is coming or the deep freeze is here. “all of us but the kids that is”!
I opened Facebook this morning and the first picture I saw was ole’ cuz Angie standing in the snow looking pitiful. My heart dropped as I thought something bad had happened… She wasn’t in or with her car, she was standing in the snow!  So sad the sight, as i immediately texted her to see if she was alright.
Sure enough, she was standing and waiting… for her good friends and colleagues to pick her up to take her to work! They had decided that it was safer to all travel together to work, rather than independently since the roads were so very treacherous, so there she stood… waiting in the freezing snow! Scaring me to death…  Her pals finally saw her, they arrived and together they made the long haul to Pulaski Health and Rehab… she said it was horrible, the roads terrible, but they were all together. That alone made it better somehow. Women who did not have the option to stay home, who had to show up and show out for the residents they provide care for.
Even when it would have been in the best interest to stay their butts at home! Heaven only knows what the evening roads will be like for them as they try to get home.
Yes, winter is having its way on humans across the land. It is a time for patience, for kindness, for a renewed time of gratitude. With each step, step carefully… with each breath, breathe deeply. With each sentence, speak the truth. With each meal, chew and savor each bite.
Extend a hand to another, make a call to a neighbor to check in on them or stop by and see if someone is ok when you can get out.
Thank a healthcare worker, a hospice worker, a nursing home worker… and your mailman/woman for doing what they do. Thank those who are working the plows, the police who are out on patrol and who are seeing some unsightly things as they go to those accidents that usually turn out bad or so very wrong and in haste.
Take your time… slow down.
Prayers and warm thoughts for all.
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One comment on “Snow, Snow, did I mention Cold weather?

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