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Take some chances being amazed

It is rather amazing when you look around.

Great Expectations, Great Disappointments.
No Expectations, No Disappointments.
But how sad and self limiting to face this destiny….. To expect so little that we can never realize any disappointment in our lives. I would rather fall flat on my face  weeping and cry from the sheer height from which I fell. Feel the pain, moan and groan occasionally, than crawl along, close to the ground, never soaring to any height just to prevent the fall.
My strongest belief is LEAP and the net will Appear!
Take some chances. OK so yes, we may fall and we may fall from great heights, but, it’s just a fall. We can bounce back. We are resilient! We are strong. We can choose to be strong, even when we momentarily find ourselves flat on our face. Remember when you were a kid and fell off your bike a thousand times before you could race up the street a million miles an hour?  Same thing. Fall. Go ahead and fall, pick yourself up, eventually you will get it right.
How else do we really live? Really feel the life energy we each have. We only know the joy of the ride, the freedom of the sky if we have experienced the ride.
 I am not encouraging reckless abandon all the time. But I fully support some wild moments. Taking some chances. After all, we have this moment to live life to the fullest. Not to always follow the safe and sure path that is predictable.
Sometimes we should LEAD,  Not Follow. Sometimes we should step out there. Turn on the dazzle, sparkle, just because we can. Often we find ourselves surrounded by joyless souls. They have the capacity to suck the joy out of life if we let them.  Why would we want to give up our personal power to these bleak, sad, angry souls. Better that we consider surrounding ourselves with lighter spirits. Be the light others need to see, and create for ourselves our own excitement, our own happy place.
By leading with our own light, we choose our own path. Straight up the hill,  not winded, sprinting the last hundred yards to the very edge of the cliff, with great expectations, great determination, sweat on our brow…a joyous CELEBRATION!  Leave the grouchy, hateful
dark souls at the base of the mountain if you must. Jump on a cloud, take the ride across the rainbow, and laugh all the way down.
OK so maybe it’s REAL risky to think that a real cloud will provide a soft landing from the top of the mountain, but you get my drift here, right?
Live with GUSTO. Take some reasonable chances. Look for MAGIC in your life. Create a good life, a great life. Work hard to achieve the life you want, dare to dream for. Laugh, love, sing, dance.
And no, not in your mind. Get out there today and CELEBRATE YOU!
Feel the earth beneath your feet, look up at the sky, touch the magic within YOU…
Walk in beauty,

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