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Adversity, Challenge, Opportunity

Adversity, Challenge or Opportunity?
When I hear someone say or assume they have no power over their own life, when someone says that life is too hard. I think, hard? As compared to what? When I hear of someone walking away when they should have stayed, I wonder… who’s needs are being met…
So life is not always easy. If it were, would we be able to identify the good times? What would we use to benchmark our good days against? Are we not always comparing and contrasting? A great meal is noticeable only because we have had a few that were somehow less than good. If they were all perfect, we would only consider them food, not great food.  So we know how good a day is, or an experience is because we have something to compare it to. This works the same for employment, relationships, illness, dying, death and grief; in fact, in every facet of our lives.
We need life’s challenges because they let us grow, they provide opportunity. They encourage us to stretch mentally, physically and emotionally. We are not paralyzed by challenges, but rather we discover who we are by the way we face them, and overcome whatever adversity they may hold.  The very measure of who we might become is determined by the way we demonstrate our mettle during tough times. The way I see it is, challenges faced and conquered let us know greatness. Adversities overcome, allow us to know and recognize our own strengths.
“At the timberline where the storms strike with the most fury, the sturdiest trees are found.” Hudson Newsletter
The trees there may be wind bent, shy on leaves, but they are rooted deep. They are strong and sturdy. A person who has never known real adversity can not know himself fully.  That rare bird cannot advise a friend for he has no firsthand knowledge of how to stand strong in his most vulnerable moments. He cannot bring to the table his wealth of experience staring down the jaws of trouble. On the other hand, we face big problems and come up with GREAT solutions. A chance to test ourselves against all life throws at us. We not only survive, we thrive. Because we are those trees at the timberline. We have been blown and tossed by life’s storms. We sink our roots deep in the good earth and
stand tall.
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”  Winston Churchill
Facing the challenges gives us a life that is interesting, but overcoming life’s adversities is what makes us stronger, our lives more meaningful.
In closing, we do not ask for the lightest load, but rather the strongest back to carry the load. We find in ourselves, the ability to face any adversity, to rise to each challenge before us, with our own inner strength. Sometimes we have to use our voice to speak what is needed, to take a stand, to advocate, to demand, to get in the face if you will until things are made right. The knowledge that we are strong, that we are already enough. WE all posses or can find a “can do” attitude if we want it badly enough. WE all can be the force during times of heartache, during times of adversity, challenges and change !
The force you are… walk on.
 ~ ~ ~
My prayers go strong for a life long family who stood by, advocated for the matriarch who left this world this morning at 2:31am. May she walk on as she is reunited with so many… I love you all and am with you in spirit. It was not an easy walk for any of you, and “not like the brochure said it would be”. 
RIP Jean… finally you are free from pain. May the reunion be glorious, the girls will be fine…
~ ~ ~ ~ 
Walk in beauty,

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