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Arizona’s SB1062 Bill

A must read…. Arizona the world is watching you as your Governor sits back and thinks on something that is fundamentally wrong when she should have taken immediate action on the incredible bill that sits on her desk writing VETO all over it. Religious Freedom? I call it bigotry 2014 sanctioned by politicians and a flock of hate under the label of religious right, gone miserably wrong. God Bless us as we are like a snow ball rolling downhill headed for hell. STAND UP for equal rights for all.

Simply danLrene

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I have thought about Arizona’s new bill to not serve Gays because it is against one’s religious beliefs for two days and I find that I am just plain appalled by what Arizona has done. I read all the articles and heard the comments that it was not to attack one specific group of people but to protect the religious rights of another. My first question is just what religion are they basing these rights on? It certainly is not Christianity because Christ sat down with everyone including those considered “not worthy” or “sinners”. And we are all sinners and come short of the glory of God.  My Bible says we are supposed to emulate Christ so what religion again would say to deny to be kind to someone or to serve them? My Bible also says to not judge and that we will be judged…

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