Kindness is never out of vogue

How easy is it to do a kind deed?  Takes little effort but can mean the world to the recipient. Remember a few weeks ago when we heard from folks interviewed on the news that they were praying for some kind soul to shovel their snow? Some that expressed how grateful they were when neighbors brought their newspapers up to the door?
Those were kind deeds. Today, let each of us do one kind deed. Perhaps begin March with the thought of kindness that begins each day, goes through until we hit the sheets at the end of each night, finding sleep a bit better, hearts a bit fuller, smiles a bit easier that last a lot longer. All because we were kinder of spirit. Actions not reactions to or about what we hear, what is shared, what is done or taught.
Open the door for someone. Help someone put the buggy away at the grocery store.
Grab a shovel or clean a windshield for someone if in the cold states. Mow someone’s yard while they are away on vacation. The trick is to do it without the need for a return kindness, no quid pro quo. Just do it because you can. Because you are the kind of person who wants in some small way to bring a smile to someone’s day, leave something or someone better than you found them..
It’s a feel good moment for you and a little prayer answered for your neighbor. We CAN
make the world kinder, better place. It starts with one gesture.
Recently a friend of mine was greeted by a stranger with the remark “Pleased to meet you” My friend responded with “Why”. A social commentary on the pat, meaningless things we say that we really don’t mean. When I asked about my friend’s response she said… “Well, why would he have thought he was pleased to meet me” We hadn’t spoken a word to each other. I prefer he had said that after we interacted. If indeed he had been “pleased” to have met me.”  OK, so here I am talking about kind deeds, kind words, social graces and I had to stop and think about that response.
You know, someone asks “How are you” but really doesn’t want a real answer. They are just using meaningless social greetings. So I will sit with that and think about how I want to greet the next person I encounter. With a “how are you, (please don’t really tell me) or
maybe with a response more personal, more real. Don’t know yet what that might be but have decided to give it a whorl.
So I will smile as usual but try to connect, really connect with a heartfelt greeting. I’ll let you know how it goes. What works for you? Have you been greeted and felt you were just going through the motions?  I know that I have. I do think that I would like to elevate each encounter a bit. Give a real sincere thank you in the checkout line, or find a way to say hello, in a way that the other person feels that it is not “just obligatory”.
So lets get out there and greet, really connect with people. Be kind, do kind deeds, thoughtful gestures. Do it from the heart, not unthinkingly. Put some good energy out there. Make it a better, kinder, warmer world. One smile at a time. Share a cup of coffee, in real time, in virtual time… coffee is good all the time, a quick connect, a great moment shared. Just be the best version of YOU.
Expect some reactions, some shoot the messenger kind of stuff. Folks are just that way. But never ever ever give up on kindness.

2 comments on “Kindness is never out of vogue

  1. hellooooo
    love the challenge yet I'd like to believe I live this without an effort.. it was the way my wisdom keepers taught me.. one reason I love my job of choice is the endless daily gifts bestowed to my heart when I meet people..
    the smallest effort extended to another can bring so much joy to your heart .. I'm with you on this .. all the way .. a little kindness goes such a long way ~
    Thanks Doc for all you continue to do for so many peeps..
    you make my heart smile .
    sign me, ♥

  2. yes indeed. Great blog hon and all the time kindness…not just random acts of kindness. Love this. ♥

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