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Need some energy?

No I am not kidding… When your own energy is at a low, borrow some.
Just reach out and grab it. I use music a lot in my life. To share sentiments, to inspire me, to change, to provoke deep thoughts…. And I also use it to pump me up. Like when I just can’t quite make the connection with the need to clean the house and the amount of energy required. Ever have that feeling?
So… I crank up the stereo. Put on some Patti Labelle, or Bonnie Raitt, maybe Tina Turner or Zac Brown Band.
In a pair of minutes I look like the Lysol Man on steroids. Zipping through the house with Windex, toilet cleaner, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming at breakneck pace. Of course the mop handle sometimes becomes the microphone as I sing along at the top of my lungs, the vacuum not even loud enough to compete. I get lost in the rhythm of the music. The soul of music as it provides the energy, the rhythm to set my moments, my energy in good ways from within. 
Dancing like I am on my own stage. Frailing cleaning rags from surface to surface as I realize that I have borrowed energy from the Universe and from the very music that moves me into another realm….
Just borrowed all the energy I needed. Loud robust music fills me with energy. Does it every time. Just can’t help but use the tools on hand. Consider it another gift that music gives us.
Then, at the end of my chores, I smile. House is sparkling, I am pleased with myself for a job well done, and my soul has been filled up with music, music, music.  Ever get that feeling that those house cleaning things are so redundant?  Just when the place is fit for company to eat off the floors you take a breath and the dust bunnies have showed up demanding attention all over again. Seems that happens within as well. Feelings, thoughts, re-visited times of grief or pain… cluttering up things, draining one of energy at times, feeling redundant. At times those things just build up or show up, leaving a person weak in the knees and wanting to borrow some energy but not knowing where to turn. Turn your face to the sky… Borrow some energy from Creator, from the wind, the rain, the snow, the music that beats like the drum of your heart within you.  Move it, that energy that desire to do, to clean from within, or your home, your yard, your being… Move it through you. 
Once I was able to borrow that energy, to listen to that music, I was Amped up, off and running.  Chores took half the time, and I have actually enjoyed doing them. Now aren’t I proud of myself said the Cheshire Cat? Yup, that’s me. A lingering smile I put on my own face. Feeling more energized, feeling more alive.
Have one for yourself. Ratchet up the volume and knock out those pesky ever returning lists of household chores that are draining your energy.  Enjoy!

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