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Who Comes First?

Great read… Take best care of you, love you completely in order to love others. Be well!

Simply danLrene

In this world where women are often treated as second best, not valued as they should be, overworked between work and home/family life and just in general are made to feel guilty if they do anything for themselves, they list themselves on the bottom of the list of who is important. I am talking in people…not God here.  I did this for years and years and wondered why everyone else treated me like I was the least important. And then someone very wise opened my eyes and taught me a very good lesson.

“We teach people how to treat us by what we will accept.”

This means that if we put ourselves last on the list, then so will others. We have taught them that we are not worth putting on the top of the list. We lower our bar so much because we feel the demands of life on…

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