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Maya Angelou, we have lost a beloved woman

“My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.”   May her memory be eternal… may we all be more than we were yesterday as we thank her. Maya Angelou has walked on this […]

Memorial Day around the Nation, grief strikes America

The wreaths have been laid, Rolling Thunder has rolled into the Nations’ Capital once again, thousands and thousands have paid their respect and honored the fallen. Memories and hopes left unfilled by those who gave all for our freedoms on this land as Taps has been heard over and over. The wait list for burial […]

Happy Memorial Day

A long weekend, many are firing up the bbq’s across the Nation, many are now hitting the roads to return to their homes after time with loved ones, time at the mountains or the beaches across the lands.  Millions have spent this weekend at wreath laying ceremonies in Washington D.C., standing on the sidewalks watching […]

We Remember the Fallen, Memorial Day

WITH AMAZING GRACE WE REMEMBER THE FALLEN … I love and have always respected ROLLING THUNDER along with those who are willing to sign a blank check for our country. “Some gave all, all give some”.   Hundreds of thousands have rolled in for this weekend of remembering; of honoring the fallen. ROLLING THUNDER we […]

Billboard Awards, Music, and clothes.. wow

Oh what a night it was; as many took to the stage and sang their songs… The Music, the glam, the clothes (or lack thereof), the tribute to Michael Jackson that made tears fall, that made folks sit in awe of technology as we remembered such talent, such perfection on a stage, now gone from […]

Sweet Sunday blessings

Sweet sunny Sunday here with coffee, quiet moments of reflection.  May the Creator remind you that you are the light for you and so many; with a kind word, a positive action, a movement like ripples on the water. A day where many will be out and about, doing and seeing sights, hearing sounds, while […]

Somedays… ridin the waves or sittin on the shore

Somedays…just thinkin’ we all at times need a few reminders on those things known as “just one of those days”, those”somedays” that give either opportunities or challenges.  Somedays we can either ride the waves, dive under the wake, or sit on the shore. Somedays we might find that we instead sit and wonder where the […]

Just a thought or two… Landon Korabek Annual Jamfest reflections

As I sit admiring the hibiscus,feeling the warmth of the sun,I realize I am still absorbing so many moments in time of the Landon Korabek Jamfest 2014. With each beat of my heart, I hear Sabien at the drum, see his likeness to Landon in his profile, see his passion when those sticks are twirled […]


It was more than… this year’s Annual Jamfest remembering Landon. This was on the back of the shirts worn by Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek. The anticipation, the work that was involved by the “committee” was once again amazing… The Thirsty Marlin and their staff were ready for a day unlike any other day… and […]

Landon Korabek One Love Jamfest May 10 BE THERE!

  On May 10, 2014 the Annual Landon Korabek OneLove JamFest will once again take place at in Palm Harbor FL. It will be held at The Thirsty Marlin; a favorite of many in the area; and the place will be filled with folks wearing this years’ T-Shirts (order yours) and join us in spirit, […]