Just a thought or two… Landon Korabek Annual Jamfest reflections

As I sit admiring the hibiscus,feeling the warmth of the sun,I realize I am still absorbing so many moments in time of the Landon Korabek Jamfest 2014. With each beat of my heart, I hear Sabien at the drum, see his likeness to Landon in his profile, see his passion when those sticks are twirled in his hands. He is one hellified drummer and he left it all on the stage, all but “one stick” that I now find myself looking at with awe. That one stick looks like a dog got a hold of it in places where it is splintered almost to pieces, where it will never be the same again.

As I look at it, I am reminded of Susan and Greg when I said to them, “Who you are is not who you were and you can’t go back there again. Who you are is different now and it is learning to live differently that is the challenge.”  That stick reminded me again of that message, of the true meaning of our gathering together of the differences in each person that filled that room with such painful loveliness remembering Landon… who made a stupid choice while with his friends.  He just didn’t know he would never wake up again. I’m certain that hell and his pals didn’t give it a thought; “what could go wrong,  he might have thought”, if he gave it any thought at all.  Our kids that are 17, our kids who are 20… their brains are not yet fully developed, they are easily swayed at times, just out for a good time!  Seems a lot of adults are doing the same thing yet, supposedly their brains are fully developed and the ability to make sound and good choices or decisions still escape them at critical times.

With each beat of the heart, often it is the beat of drum, the chord of a guitar, the magic movement sound of bass that moves us to next step.One step, sometimes on uncertain ground, one step at a time. When it all comes together, the step is lighter, the ability to hold your head up is there and remembered. Creativity sets in, just as your heart is playing the song that will move you to then moment in time. The dance may be different than ever before, but the music is there, waiting for you to rejoin the dance of life.
It may be different, at times sideways, upside down and off beat, you may walk away with scars, with a limp, or with a new dance as you join the music… BUT the music is waiting on you to dance, you are the one that must find your steps, in your time and in your way.

 Notice that drum stick? Just a thought to gnaw on as you move into your week… whatever your view, your thought, your step. Just keep walkin’ … the music will be playing with each beat of your heart.

A special “shout out” to VPN Studio for sending me the magic of this video snippet last night: Please enjoy, “ONE LOVE”.
VPN Studio did a fantastic job for the jamfest with recording it (most if not all of it)…

video by VPN studios

TIME TO do those things that fill your heart with gladness… carry on!

Walk in beauty,

2 comments on “Just a thought or two… Landon Korabek Annual Jamfest reflections

  1. Great blog Sherry. As one who is currently walking the path of a parent who has experienced the death of a child. My love of music and the connection I shared with my daughter has helped me dance to a redefined beat and has helped me to find my peace in spite of what has occured. Thank you for reminding us that we are empowered to find our own music during times of challenge and transitions. Wishing you peace.

  2. beautiful post as is the video and love shown at that event…

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