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Somedays… ridin the waves or sittin on the shore

Somedays…just thinkin’ we all at times need a few reminders on those things known as “just one of those days”, those”somedays” that give either opportunities or challenges. 

Somedays we can either ride the waves, dive under the wake, or sit on the shore. Somedays we might find that we instead sit and wonder where the opportunity went, the missed chance or we were too busy wondering the depth of the water rather than jumping in and enjoying the moments, the feel of the waters and the adventure of life in all its complexities. No one ever really enjoyed the plunge into the waters when worrying about the depth of the waters…

Somedays we all get so busy doing that we forget to “be” in awe of the world. We don’t take the time to stop for those moments to see all that is around us, above us, below us, on the sides of us.  Somedays are just like that and then they are gone from our sight.

Somedays it may take another to point out that remarkable flower, beautiful sky or clouds, a song that has lyrics seeming to speak directly to us at that time we need to hear it the most.  These days folks are running and doing, or contemplating, or busy with so many things… some have become their story that lives behind them or have come a label assigned by others.

Somedays you are the windshield, somedays you are the bug… it’s just how it is, and it will pass as all things do. 

Somedays will feel great, some not so much as we take on the stories we hear, the news we listen to, the events that surround us.  Somedays we may need to wash it clean with a shower and let it all go into that little hole at the bottom of the tiles… imagining all we have done and heard being washed away, never to be retrieved again.

Somedays… we will look back and wonder where did the time go, wishing for a re-do, or not!

Somedays we will need a reminder that you cannot touch the same water twice; so we will be sure and touch it often and with gratefulness and grace.

 STILL is still movin’ to me.

Somedays we will just  want to lay down, to rest and then get up remembering there is a fire within that has been God given… with all we have been through, the good the awful, the heartache, the happy, the tears and the laughter… we are still here.  Somedays we need a reminder of that, knowing that is good. Real good!

Somedays there will be times when we just shake our heads, when we need to turn the volume up on the music and down on the opinions and thoughts of others.

Somedays we might just want to smile more, speak less, while remembering that “Love Wins”.


Somedays we want want to take advise from frogs, yes frogs. We might want to put a post it note on our dash board, our mirror, our frig and even write “frog”on our palms before engaging in conversations as a gentle reminder to seek and find “happy”always.

Somedays, always, may we remember… this is our path

Walk it with your head high, your moments pure and look around, up, down for the beauty that is yours always.  May you ride the waves knowing they are ever changing, always moving and somedays will knock you on your ass… GET BACK UP!!!

That is all.
Walk in beauty



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