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Billboard Awards, Music, and clothes.. wow

Oh what a night it was; as many took to the stage and sang their songs… The Music, the glam, the clothes (or lack thereof), the tribute to Michael Jackson that made tears fall, that made folks sit in awe of technology as we remembered such talent, such perfection on a stage, now gone from the internal pain that led to addiction and death. 

I love music, it speaks to my soul, it fills me up and I particularly love music that has a story behind it. I’m old school, loving R&B, loving country, loving music where the main event is the music not what appears to be sex on stage.

However, sex sells, always has and always will, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why such talented artists feel the need to expose so much when their talent is so grand.  Guess Patti Labelle nailed it when she said there are no real divas left anymore out there.

One good thing though, the men on stage typically just grab their crotch while singing, but they are fully clothed with swag, or with outrageous outfits that do not make you wonder about them; some good, some great and some make you shake their head while trying to understand the lyrics.

Of course we still have Miley Cyrus doing her giraffe impersonations with every chance she gets; yes we get it, God gave her a tongue… it may be time she learns to keep it in her mouth though, she may find that is what mouths are for, to house our teeth and tongues.  Once again she walked away with an award; not sure it was based on talent or outrageous behaviors.

JLo was stunning; she is one beautiful woman with a body that just won’t quit… now we’ve all seen her sensual/sexual moves as she takes to the stage, her songs that top the charts. As much as I love her, she too could stand to wear a bit more clothing and still look incredible as she did when she performed in that sparkly and stunning outfit.
She received the 2014 Icon Award at the event, and it was well earned, she was beautiful as she accepted it.  She was humble, thankful, and thanked everyone with grace and style. She is the first woman to receive this prestigious award… Bravo JLo, you have inspired many along the way as you get them on their feet!

 Music sweet music; it often speaks to the soul when nothing else can get there. Music the oldest of healers, the one thing that most can count on, when it seems everything else falls short.  From the days of doo -wap, to before, to the roots of the drum…rhythm and blues, country, bluegrass, good ole rock n roll to jazz to just about everything.

Interestingly, back in the day, we could be entertained, by records, 8 tracks, cassettes, CD’s that made millions for stars while attending concerts and screaming our heads off at those performers we had come to love, while loving what they wore from faded jeans to gowns to matching suits of the Temptations… we were intrigued and moved by each lyric, each beat of the drum or dance across the stage. Many a time, when words fail us, the music moves us to great understanding and great heights…

Just thinking today; so many could do more with that if they wore more clothes! There would be no distractions to the sounds, the lyrics, the expressions… no fear of “twitter blasts” the next day, of haters or those who like to compare one against the other. While I am the first to admit, there are some drop dead gorgeous bodies taking the stage these days, I don’t need to see what appears to be soft porn while they are singing their songs, don’t need to wonder where the next wardrobe failure will happen, nor where the next how far we can go might just go.

Seems to me that The Supreme’s of days gone by, seems the Temptations did just fine with their moves as Mowtown blew up the charts with song and dance long ago and still in the homes and hearts of many. Seems Ms. Patti Labelle is still stirring it up with millions of fans who recognize a true diva and songstress who plays to them, who takes the stage by storm, who takes the the time to connect with the fans. 

The award winner and new sensation Lordes still makes me think she is having a seizure when performing and I also hope there is an EMT crew backstage just in case it’s needed. 
Remember the hip thrust of Elvis and swoons along with the outrage? We’ve come a long way baby!

  Let the music move you…let speak to you, dance dance dance… and when you are behind closed doors let it move you in ways that we don’t have to hear about, privately and wonderfully. But, when you are on the stage, entertain us, make us a part of the magic of your gifts; preferably not of your sexual life.

that is all.

Dance, Dance in a way that makes you move your feet across the stage or the living room while knowing that music is the Universal Language of joyful noise to heal, to hope, to happiness.


Carry on.


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