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We Remember the Fallen, Memorial Day

I love and have always respected
ROLLING THUNDER along with those who are willing to sign a blank check for our country.
“Some gave all, all give some”.
Hundreds of thousands have rolled in for this weekend of remembering; of honoring the fallen.
we can count on and rely upon them to be there always.
And they do have a presence along the highways and the streets
across the country in the days before, the week-end of the city in our Nations Capital.
People have been known to pull off the interstates as they roll by;
to get out of the cars and wave, to blow horns in letting them know of their love and support across the states.
Those who do not know of them
will gaze and wonder!

AT what began in 1987 by four Vietnam Vets as a demonstration to raise awareness at what had happened to those who were missing in action (MIAS) and prisoners of war (POWS);
and now has grown to such magnitude that it is a National Organization.
Now a monumental tribute to the fallen;
riders come from all over these United States of America arriving in the Nations Capital to pay respect, to honor, to let the world know we still have and need to bring ALL HOME that are MIA/POWS
and they do ROLL in like THUNDER!
Thank you
Some Gave ALL
When you see those bikers out there,
give them a thumbs up,
give them some space,
show them some love
Rolling Thunder came through yet again
for Walter, he was the young one in Healing Heartaches who wanted to ride on a Harley before his death;
all of a sudden, he heard the sounds of thunder rolling along the street of his home,
and wouldn’t ya just know?
A dream came true for a young man when burly bikers rolled into a neighborhood
and it was
As he was lifted to the bike,
next we knew, he was holding on to the handles and VROOM, off they all went
with what looked like a gang of bikers
and a young kid who was sure to have bugs in his teeth from the size of his grin!
A dream realized thanks to bikers and a bit of magic.
Memorial Day weekend,
more than the bbq., more than the long weekend.
Healing Heartaches as we remember the fallen.

as we take the time to play “Taps at 3pm” across our lands and stand in silence and gratitude.

Healing Heartaches as we remember the fallen.
Thank YOU seems not quite enough, it rings not loud enough in my heart, in my mind…
There has to be more, has to be stronger words to match the feeling;
it is with such a heart, mind, spirit, soul
of deep gratitude that works better for me as tears streak my face as I remember the fallen, as I pay tribute to those who serve, have served have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.
As I now think of those who are still missing in action, those POWS
those who ride this weekend

those who stand and live around that wall, that I’ve shared along with the millions this weekend.  WE honor, we remember, we thank you, your families. We Will NEVER FORGET your sacrifices.

May we use this weekend to remember, to vow to be a better citizen, to stand strong as we hope for a more peaceful country while honoring the lives that have fallen.  So many we hold in our hearts, now laying beneath sacred ground as we enjoy our freedoms today.

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May God Bless you all, 
DR Sherry


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