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Darkest before Dawn

Hello everyone and everything… one thing is certain, when you only get sleep for an hour or two and then move out to the lanai… it is quiet, it is dark, and if you have the camera and the moments… YOU just never know the visitors that may be watching over you. So it is now, as I picked up the camera knowing I was not alone!

Yes, spirits are all around me, I feel their comforting presence and a few allowed me to catch the picture… I felt their strength, the love, the presence and then thought, “well I’m just sitting here, waiting for the pain med to kick in, might as well shoot a couple photos”.

I got on Facebook and amazingly an old friend states away was awake as well; she with a sinus infection feeling like she woke with a hangover.
Me here, now the numb is worn off from the epidurals for my lower back and trigger injections in the hip today. Quite frankly that pain of post treatment to cure is hell, especially when the sound of a scream that is recognized as your own in the quiet of the night pops my eyes out of my head as I reassure myself it will be temporary and maybe just maybe this will be the magic one that will end this long haul of horrible. It is quite beautiful here at this time of the morning, now 5:22 am, I’ve been up at the angel hours over the last several hours. Each and every time, sitting out here and thinking of the sacredness and beauty that still fills our world, our lives and the true need to look for the good. Each and every day, “we must look for the good” in our lives, our communities, our country.

As I slid into a darkened pool managing not to fall on plants or trip and wake the whole house, I had to grin thinking of the 4 leggeds who are sleeping the sleep not minding that I am grunting, not minding that I am rambling around, not a sound have they made.  But heaven help me during the day should I disturb their sleep or open a candy wrapper!

They are rather amusing that way, and oh what a great sense of security they provide in the middle of the night as I prowl around making sounds that should alert them, but ohhh NO not these sleepy ones.

It appears that they too enjoy rest, enjoy deep sleep, while so many that I speak to professionally around the country seem to not sleep well at night. Instead they lay their tired heads on their pillows and their brain jumps out and sits on their chests. It then becomes so very active with thoughts, with memories relived of the day; what they could have done more of, what they should of could of would of done had they had more time, had more energy, had more knowledge or resources. Just when people need to unwind, just when their bodies are ready to rest, that brain is ready to get busy it seems.

Or old man pain pays a visit and can’t find a comfortable position for the body to get in.

I admire folks that can hit their head on a pillow and just find blissful sleep, usually I am one of those! This isn’t one of those times, thanks to this unrelenting pain in my lower back known as sciatica or sacroiliac issues that have required epidural injections and those 72 hours of disbursement later! I still believe that if we fall down 7 times, we get up 8… so it goes.

When we fall at least then we can hit our knees for a few moments and give thanks before standing again.

We can realign our senses and our thoughts, and our very being as we stand stronger each time, and ready for game time.

We can and we will, as we absorb the darkness knowing that the dawn is just about to rise.
A beautiful sight indeed it is, blessed to be alive to see it happen, and just about giddy over the whole thing when you think about it.

While waiting it is a good time to remember:

So … today I hope whatever you are going through, wherever you are, that you find humor in all that you are doing, in whatever situation or thing you might be going through or enduring.  I hope you WIN… in all ways in all days.

I also hope you will take this most profound truth within you and remember this often before you talk to yourself, and definitely before you engage with others, be it friends, family, associates:   THINK

 T – is it true?
H- is it helpful? (to you and others)
I- is it inspiring? (try to always be inspiring)
N- is it necessary? (oh we need things to be)
K- is it kind? (heaven knows we need more kindness)

Just think before you speak, pause if you must mid-sentence and remember the words you speak have an impact on the person(s) hearing it… in good, bad, or awful ways… BE the best version of you and add to that ripple of goodness that will spread and move through the Universe with great vibrations in good way relations, personally and professionally.

Spread that light of yours everywhere you go and with every conversation you have… Leave the rest to the Creator!

Many blessings from my home to yours, from my day to yours. If I ever cross your mind, I hope you find reason to smile.
Walk in beauty,

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