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Your thoughts voiced to another’s ears… just wow!

It is remarkable how many people do not hear themselves. How many feel free to express their way as the only way, or the right way, or to insert their feelings and thoughts into the hearts and minds of another. It must be the weather, the heat, the hatred of Iraq and fears of the world that has people forgetting to hit the “pause” button in their brains. Tones of voices are often stronger than words uttered or words uttered leave us speechless in wondering when God stepped down and allowed a mere human to step up to the plate saying how it should, or aughta be for others. Is it that folks just forget to use their filters? Or where are those filters that folks used to use… 
Maybe it is a respect issue; where we each respect each others’ values, worth, energy as individuals with our own path to walk in our own way. It may not be my way or your way, but then again… we all should be busy walking our own path so busy in fact that we don’t really have the time to get over involved in the steps of others.  Sometimes folks seem to feel “pulled” into the lives/situations of others. They work so hard to make something happen for the good, for the better, but after awhile feel drained by it or owed because of it. It may be during those times when old triggers get pulled that it is best to shake it off, to visualize well, to not get “jacked up” as you remember this profound proverb:

And then, perhaps words and voices will be more joyous and loving! 

Yes, perhaps that is the word; respect of all living things, respect for the fallen, the stories and the falls along the way.

I sat with an interesting gentleman who spent his time telling me of his family; their failures, their wrong ways of doing things. He was worried of this and a bit of that, he complained about one and the other not living as he expected or wanted. Seems he had a lot to say but ended with “I love them so much, but…” 

I watched him closely wondering why he had chosen to criticize people he claimed to love, to show such disrespect of those very people that loved him, yet now had his words etched in heart said in times of anger or fear or frustration. I listened as he spoke of his drunken times, his bad boy times, his mistakes in life… and then had to wonder why he was denying those he loved to make their own without his judgment and anger.  Seems he had forgotten all those years, all those times, all those years now standing in with his opinions and right ways to do while hurting the ones he loved. As we sat together I had to ask if he respected his kids, his nieces and nephews. I know I had a reaction to his answer. He said, “I never really thought about that, about respecting them…guess it never crossed my mind.” 

 A person doesn’t have to always like what others are doing. Hell they don’t have to do it or anything if they don’t want to. BUT, there comes a time in life where just enjoying the life you have is up to you, smiling more and accepting things as they are is enough. Have a bad day, a bad thought? Rinse your mouth with mouth wash, take yourself out for a great meal. Use your mouth for something other then putting harmful words into the Universe or the hearts of those who matter to you. After all, you are living what will become the memories long after that moment has passed. What is voiced today will echo in the heart long after it is worked through the nervous system… is really that important, that critical to think you are right, to be right, to be so wrong?  We must find ways to enrich, enhance, lift others UP… As Maya Angelou stated, “try to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud” (or something like that).  
Everybody is so busy worrying about being lied to, about something happening and not being privy to it, folks are just too busy doing, going, and talkin’ bout things.  STOP. breathe, relax, move about the day with a sense of grace.


Be the frog!

that is all,

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