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I hear you~

tell it like it is and get it off your chest!
Let others know how you feel, how you think, what you want…. I get that. Don’t let things build inside and create or add to your already simmering stress! We’ve all heard that, been there and probably can write volumes about that! The great philosopher Dr. Seuss is known for that quote!
HOWEVER…there are times things said might just be taken a bit too far, when opinions might be voiced and sound like almighty judgments and hurt can be sharper than a switchblade extended from nowhere to the depths of the heart. It is during those times that one person may feel they were “just telling it like it is” and the other may be wounded beyond compare…. one feeling as though they are tellin’ it like it is and decreasing stress and others wondering how someone could be so ugly or bitter.
It is in those times that professionals and Dr. Seuss perhaps should have not been so literal!
Great ways to rid stress is working within the heart, stretching beyond the comfort zone of understanding, and acceptance along with exercise and new experiences. We cannot forget laughter and sugar… You can never get enough sugar in the quest of sweet and loving words, actions and memories to reflect back upon!
I hear you… we all have a story, a wish, a hope, a whatever it is we have.. for self and those we love, admire, and want good things for. Each of us can help that along with encouraging words, understanding nods, and walking the road of understanding even in times when we have no earthly idea of the next steps.  Faith, Hope, Trust in the Creator to keep on hand on our shoulder and the other across mouths at times maybe the best we can do,with only sounds of laughter squeaking out when it dawns on us that we are but a small part of a wonderful world!

Be good … Give your best, do it… the right way, all day.

Walk in beauty
carry on!

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